What do yall think bout this article ? I found it at the Government Registry site,, i guess Anton posted it we need to get him in here to comment on that... but some of you have done the homework i know so let us know hyour thoughts. ___________________________


Debate I had with John Potash regarding the death of rapper Tupac Shakur. Potash thinks that the
government enacted, in his words, “a huuuugee U.S. intelligence
network” consisting of “fifteen-plus agencies” to kill Tupac. Of
course, this high-level operation, according to him, only took five
years and six tries.

Few things I noticed. I had someone in the studio on the phone who is more tolerant of conspiracy theories than me, and didn’t challenge John……..John severely kept wanting to talk to Larry, and not to me.
Also, when I could contradict something John said, there would be a
pause, and he would jump to another subject. I have his book, and I
find it incredibly unconvincing. As he said in this debate, as he does
in his book, he relies on two people: Kevin Hackie and Russell Poole……

Regarding Kevin Hackie, here are two articles I wrote about him a few years ago………



Most importantly, I interviewed him over a year ago……….here is a transcript……

Batey: “He [Reginald Wright] wanted me to ask you if you still think he has anything to do with Tupacs death”

Hackie: “I’ll say this much: The Metro Police, they have no more interest in the case; they do have independent statements that corroborate that Orlando was the shooter. So at this point in time, no.
I dont really even care about it anymore. But no – to answer your

Furthermore, Kevin Hackie was quoted even in books suggesting a conspiracy (by Suge, not the federal government…..), like Randall Sullivan’s book LAbyrinth, where on page 192 it says, “Hackie said, he
had no real evidence that Suge was responsible for Tupacs slaying”.
Hackie also never claimed what Potash said: that Tupac was such a huge
political threat and that the federal government tried to kill him
several times before finally doing it right (idiots!).

Potash has never even spoken to Hackie. I have…….

The same applies to Poole. Although Poole DID maintain that Tupac was killed by Knight, he NEVER said what Potash is saying. Poole seems to think that police had Tupac killed that were working for
SUGE……..Potash is saying the direct opposite. Poole said that these
were corrupt, rogue cops that were straying from standard operating
procedure and were under the orders of Knight……..Potash says the cops
were hired and did precisely what they were told from top levels of the
federal government. Again, the opposite. This is why it’s actually
extremely funny that he uses Poole as his main primary source.

I would love to debate him again and just focus on the alledged give times that the federal government horribly and stupidly “failed” in their assassination attempts to “kill” Tupac – especially the Oakland
Police Incident, the shootout with police in Atlanta, and 1994
shooting, and perhaps the most retarded……their inability to kill Tupac
while he was in prison, lol………

So listen to the “debate”, make up your own mind, and enjoy. Thanks for anyone who’s listening.

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There was something that hit me, when Drah and Leila were discussing Pac being alive or dead last Monday. Drah was talking about how 2pac is alive and is sort of channeling him and others spiritually to continue what he started. Leila said something like, if you knew Pac, he didn't feel he needed to be alive to do that. Now, this is going into metaphysics and the power of the human spirit and what it really is capable.

While we're on theories, I have my own theory that I don't think anyone has mentioned. And it has more to do with 2 things. The meaning behind Tupac's "Euphanasia" and The Executive Producer of the The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory being named Simon.

Euphanasia combines the word euphemism (an inoffensive or indirect expression that is substituted for one that is considered offensive or too harsh) and euthanasia (The practice of killing a human being or animal for humane reasons, especially one suffering greatly or experiencing poor quality of life; An easy death, or the means to bring about such a death.)

The way I see it is that he combined the words to turn a negative into a positive. Or to say, he was making assisted suicide a positive thing.

Simon in the Bible helped Jesus carry the cross to his death. Suge Knight assisted Tupac in planning his death. Pac talked a lot about death, talked about coming back like Jesus, being a ghost, and coming back reincarnated... I feel like he thought he'd be more powerful dead than alive. He could be a symbol, he could be a spirit that does more as an "angel."

I don't think mankind is smart enough to grasp the true nature of the spirit/entity that we all possess. The problem is that we always want things explained to us in the physical reality.

So, going back to that article about Tupac being a trickster or Black Jesus. He symbolized and embodied Black Jesus, he was the trickster that cheated death by planning and plotting his death (or life after death) creating a 7 day theory, leaving clues, hints, creating his legend, and leaving behind a shit load of pieces to a puzzle that may never be completed.

That's just my two cents. If I was suicidal, paranoid, and tired of how humanity is, I would want to leave this Matrix and go onto the next one... Either he faked his death and is somewhere else, or he planned his death because he was tired of the "pain."

"If you gotta go out, that's how you go out. That motherfucker took his destiny in his own hands." - Roland Bishop, Juice.

"We look at death from the selfish side, like: 'That guy died. Oh, it's so sad.' Why is it sad? He's away from all of this bad stuff that's here on Earth. I mean, at the worst, he's just somewhere quiet, no nothing. At best, he's an angel... or he's a spirit somewhere. What is so bad about that? Throughout my life, I just wanted to be like an angel for God, do something where I could be of some help. And I can do that. I mean, I'm an artist. It's not like I have to tell the truth. I have to tell a story and reach you and get some kind of feeling from you. And then try to get the moral across." - Tupac Resurrection
That's strange, I just messaged you about this... lol... unless you posted this in response to my message... haha... but yeah, I heard their interview and I don't know man, I don't really like Anton... I don't know him personally but he just sort of comes off like a dick to the people he interviews. He was an ass towards John Potash and Drah Cenedive in their interviews which he labeled "debates."

He's a closed minded dude and feels that Tupac was never a threat to the government. He doesn't listen to conspiracies but says he believes that the Crips and Orlando Anderson retaliated and killed him. The very fact that he can't solidly prove the Crips killed Tupac, makes it a conspiracy theory in itself.

What makes a good conspiracy a good conspiracy is that it comes with a bunch of theories that can't be proven. And this all adds up to what makes Tupac's life and death so intriguing, mythical, and legendary. No one knows the truth and we may never know the truth.

On another note, I have a copy of John Potash's dvd. It's put together well and drops some good information and insight. If anyone wants to check it out, let me know..
I know this post is over 2 years old, an maybe I wasn't even on this board then...but I hate I missed this rare opprotunity to speak on this, cause its obvious anton is a tupac hater n a clear suge knight supporter!....the fact that in his own interview of kevin hackie, he starts off biasely telling mr hackie that reggie wright wanted to know if he still felt he had any involvement with tupacs murder, itself speaks volumes! What fair, supposedly unbias interviewer you know starts off his interview with a question from the accussed??....simply startling!...next, you have a intelligent, black man may I add, seemlingly supporting the made up story by the media, that tupac was in fact dividing the black community! Now this at best is either someone who clearly hasn't done there research on tupac, his political background or his history defending his people, or the fact that he had a shoot out with police officers for there attempt to beat a black man! Anton???....seriously? Do we even need to go there? Tupac didn't start or create the east coast west coast thing, as john so elegantly put it, it was conjured up by the media an. came from paid informants who was purposely put in the cell with tupac to let him know who shot himdo anton actually believe that tupac defending himself against people of the same color, who was sent to do him in because what they knew he represented, constitutes him being called a divider? No, antons own theory makes no sense.....tupac in fact showed his right out loyalty to his people by putting on even biggie himself,.....the division comes when you have a mold like you, obviously sent to tear down the reputation of a great man! We saw this same thing with other leaders like malcom x an martin luther king....books coming out that martin luther king fathered an illegitimate child, ect...see tthe pattern here...someone should rightfully mr baley that the debate rather tupac was a true leader is over! Its already see it in our history books....from classses at prestigious colleges that study his poetry, to statues of him in museums....from books n biographys, to proffesors n producers...the debate, someone should have informed anton, been over!.......again know am speaking on a old post...but some silly shit just have a way of getting under your skin! These relevent topics seem to die quick instead we stay focused on orlando anderson n going over piece by piece a thousand times....peace
That first reply on October 20 2010 by Ajax is brilliant. Spot on Brother. May it stand as a Great reference reply Forever and Ever and Ever.
They tried to kill Lesane as a baby when she was in jail they were putting things in her food shes part of the panther 21. Her time in jail was beyond lo But You Cant Stop Gods Plans she wouldnt eat or drink if you no about the Black Panther Party then you would Over stand that the alphabet boys had they hands all over that. Sad....





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