I was browsing through Makaveli-Board and I've found this.
All props to M-B member sidaniels.

"Well, enough with the bullshit.
The aim of the topic is to talk about the famous photo of the autopsy of 2Pac. I've seen a lot of people trying to prove that the photo is fake, but I've never seen a conclusive argument. The main one is that his neck tatto (that says, "Makaveli") is missing."

"No need to be a genius to know that a black tattoo, on the skin of a black guy in a shaded area, would be VERY DIFFICULT to be seen."

"But the problem is: You can see the tattoo in the photo, just a simple zoom in and willingness to see the truth. That is what I will show (at least I’ll try to)."

"Before the photos, let me make clear that I work for about eight years as a graphic designer and I can say I have a great grip on some image editing software, especially Photoshop."

"I can GUARANTEE that in 1996 or 1997 would be impossible to fake a photo like that using any imaging software. At that time, even the internet was "crawling". Besides, do you really think that an experienced professional so (that would be a "photoshop god") would bother to make such a perfect “Fake photo” and forget a "detail" as important as a tattoo? Of course not."

"Well, here are the pictures. I do not want to convince anyone, but to me seem pretty clear."

"[THIS IS THE ORIGINAL PHOTO THAT I TOOK DIRECTLY FORM CATHY SCOTTY'S BOOK IN PDF VERSION, NOT EDITED]. Just by zooming in you can identify some "strange" black marks that clearly doesn't belong to the skin."

[THE SAME IMAGE, BUT A APPLIED SOME FILTERS IN PHOTOSHOP IN ORDER TO ADD SOME CONTRAST TO THE BLACK MARKS]. Don't know about you, but I can see something that looks like letters.


Tip: if can't see it, try to look at your monitor (it works better in laptops) from another angle (the contrast starts to change).

The letters even look to be under the white tube (used to drain fluids from the body).
I think this whole thing about Pac being alive could easily be finished if someone in Vegas with "contacts" could have access to someone working at the "office of the coroner". Cathy says in her book that there's a lot of photos from the autopsy (35mm photos) locked in their archives. Perhaps someone could try to check it =)

Thanx for reading!

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Hey Tina. Yes, after Biggie was shot, the LAPD and LVMPD began sharing their investigative materials since it was speculated that Pac and Bigs murders were connected. They allowed us to have pretty much all the relevant documents in the case files (witness statements, videos, crime scene reports, medical reports, coroners reports , etc - there were some autopsy photos, but I honestly don't remember how many). In addition, we had copies of the entire FBI and ATF files which were part of a federal Death Row investigation. Contrary to popular belief, the feds were never targeting Pac specifically, he was not a target of the investigation, Death Row was.

I am not involved with the new movie project. They have never asked for my assistance. However, I have been approached by several producers (3) over the past year, but all have run into resistance at CAA or VH1 and have been discouraged from doing a project because of the "Puffy factor".  I am currently in discussions with a documentary film maker who seems to have the necessary balls to tell a righteous story. Maybe a collaboration with the "7 day" people would be an idea. I would warn them to tread lightly on issues related to Puff. He is VERY litigious and it would be dangerous to move forward unless they had the documents and evidence to support their claims. There is a good reason he never tried to sue me. In fact, this past year, I was summoned to testify in two separate civil cases against Puff - he chose to settle out of court. 

Hey Greg,

That's huge. So, if Puffy is responsible for tupacs death, why isn't he charged & how is he able to get away with it all these years?

I have a hypothetical question also to ask you, On the night Tupac was shot (September 7th 1996) what do you think would of happened to Tupac if he survived the shooting and was released from hospital on the 13th September,

what would of happened with him as far as being arrested for the brawl inside the MGM &, would he had been sent back to prison etc , if so, how long of a jail sentence do you think he would of had to serve over everything that went down that night?

In order to charge Puffy with solicitation of murder, we have to rely on the testimony of convicted dope dealers and gang members. We can introduce all kinds or circumstantial and testimonial evidence to establish that Puffy had both the motive and means, but his million dollar attorneys would have a field day with the witnesses. We would've had a much better case if I had been allowed to continue my efforts to get Eric "Zip" Martin in the same compromising position we had gotten Keffe D into. Martin was directly involved in the conspiracy to kill Pac and could have provided the critical testimony to corroborate Keffe D. Now that Martin is dead, hope is all but lost.

Tupac would've had a long road to recovery. His respiratory system was irreparably damaged and would have diminished his ability to sing. Breathing with one lung is hard enough, right?. "Alive" theorists don't seem to realize Pac was on life support and couldn't have survived outside of an intensive care unit.  

He would not have been charged in the assault. Orlando declined to file a police report. No police report - no criminal investigation. No criminal investigation - no charges filed by the D.A. He may have gotten his bail revoked (for the sex assault case), but probably not. David Kenner would've done his magic to keep Pac out of jail. 

I interviewed the surgeon after Tupac died. It was the chest injury that killed him. The doctors couldn't stop the bleeding. The second surgery was done to try and stop the bleeding. The injury to his chest was too severe. They gave him 2 liters of blood. But he was losing too much.

Greg, 2Pac terminated Kenner in August 1996. No more Magic from him. He was also facing court on September 14th for reasons I'm not fully aware about.

Yeah Mike, I feel ya on that, but if Tupac was in serious danger of getting his bail revoked, I think he would have taken help from anybody he could. Since Kenner was so instrumental in getting Pac out in the first place, he would have been a natural choice. 

BTW, where are people getting the information that Pac fired Kenner. I seem to have forgotten.

ABC News when they interviewed Afeni in 1997 for the lawsuit against Suge Knight from what i can recall.

Looks nothing like it, to me the letters are mumbled not straight compared to a real close up on pacs neck of his makaveli tattoo, which if u compare the makaveli word to a real pic, it doesn't even spell "makaveli " in this autopsy photo.
It shouldn't be that hard to see if it was a real genuine photo .
That's just my opinion , who really knows

Hi Tina...it is a little bit hard to make the image out, but does it really matter?  Think about the obvious question. The photo was produced by a legitimate journalist trying to tell a legitimate story. Why on earth would she publish a "fake" picture? Would she risk her reputation, career, etc., just to fuck with peoples heads? It's silly. Furthermore, where do we find a "fake" Tupac to carve up? And of course, before we carve him up, we gotta get all the other tattoos inked on, since you cant effectively tattoo a corpse. And then after all that trouble, and finding a guy who looks like Tupac and is willing to "die for Tupac", the conspirators forget one of his tattoos?

Tupac is dead. That photo is real. Ms. Scott published it to refute media reports suggesting Pac was alive. 

Many photos are of poor quality. That one was a copy and then mass produced. Look at all the photos in my book - they suck too - but they are all real copies.

Very well said, Greg. Many thanks.

Hi Greg,

With all due respect,

I don't believe half the things that are published by the media. Just because it was published by a reporter doesn't prove hes dead either. My question for Cathy is, Did she see Tupacs dead body with her own eyes laying on that table? I'm not saying Cathy is deliberately out to fool us all on purpose, but how can she be certain that the photo provided to her at the time wasn't given to her with the intent that this is what they wanted everyone to believe? I'm no conspiracy crazed out Tupac fan that can't except he's really dead. I've been a long time believer that he was dead all this time. I only began thinking there is a big possibility that he is alive for past few years. There is to many conflicting stories & evidence that does not make sense to me. I've watched interviews with the Outlawz, they can't even confirm or admit to seeing tupac dead( and these guys were the closest people to him??). They said, that when asked if they seen tupac dead, they all said No" we never seen him dead?? How can this possibly be when they all were so very close to Tupac? I'm not here to argue or diss anyone, but this is my own personal belief that he is very much alive. I've added this photo to compare the two tattoos.


How in the world would I have been able to see Tupac's body? That is an impossibility. A security guard -- there all of the time at the trauma unit, not just for Tupac when he was there -- is planted at a desk blocking the locked interior double doors to the trauma unit, where Tupac was being treated. Only friends and family on the list made by Afeni could go into the ICU to see him. When he failed, he was in a surgery room. They revived him. By the third time, Afeni said, "Let him go." She was with Tupac when he died, as were the attending physician and nurses. It's unbelievable that you think a reporter could get into the trauma unit or the coroner's examining room -- like that would valdate Tupac's death, and the coroner -- a sworn employee of the county -- is not credible? Sorry, but that is an unbelievable request. I was at the hospital when Tupac died (I do have proof of that; I'm in a news video, standing against a wall outside the entrance with a notebook in my hand, as Suge Knight walked past me as he entered the trauma unit), but I was not on his vistor's list.





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