Just a quick summary of my interview with Dex: He is a truly valuable resource in trying to understand them New York streets back in the day. As far as the Quad incident, he doesnt try to put any extras on it....just explains things the way he saw them. It was all Jimmy Henchmen. He doesn't KNOW whether Puff was aware of the plan to rob and discipline Pac BEFORE it went down, but he "suspects" Puff knew. He says he had eye contact with Puff as he was meeting Jiimmy at the elevator before the robbery. His "street instincts" told him Puff was aware. I personally wouldn't accuse someone based off street instincts, but at the same time I have a lot of respect for street instincts - they come from years of experience. Everyone will have to draw their own conclusions until further information surfaces. He definitely did'nt think Biggie was aware of the set-up BEFOREHAND. And this is where it gets interesting.
Dex explained that he controlled the drug trade in the neighborhood where Big and Damien where from. Big used to sling some of Dex's dope. If Big figured out Dex had robbed Pac, Big would have a serious dilemma on his hands: Do I oppose/rat out Dex on these streets or keep my mouth shut. Remember, Big's mom also lived in that hood and Dex was no joke (not to say he would take it there, but Big wouldn't know that).

This is something M@k@velli helped me to understand in my meeting with him, which explains Pac's statement "Fear is stronger than love". Big's fear kept him silent over his love for Pac.

I suggest y'all read Dex's book, "From Friends to Enemies". It is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Great street stories in it!

I will continue my interviews with Dex, so please, any questions, send them my way. One love!

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Exactly like I said, puff had nothing to do with this one or the Vegas shooting. You're so obsessed to try to put Puffy in everything when all your evidence points to the fact he had nothing to do with neither.  He owed Keefe a million dollars and made no attempt to pay nor keefe d never asked for the money, come on man you lacking common sense.

You suggest using common sense and then allude to a completely illogical argument. Please explain to us all how you have exonerated Puffy. Exactly what “evidence” points away from him? Why did three independent sources all acknowledge that half the bounty was given to Zip? When did Keffe D tell you he never asked for the money? 

Can you share with us your extensive background in criminal investigations? Why did Puffy refuse to be questioned? Why did he have his attorney sit in on all the Junior Mafia police interviews? Why was his name on the top of the list since 1996 - long before I ever came on the scene? Why has he repeatedly denied using SSCC as protection even though it is established via multiple sources, including Bad Boy employees? Why did he he deny knowing Zip in news reports, yet spoke at his funeral? Zip is Christopher Wallace Jr’s godfather - and Puff doesn’t know him? Zip was a close friend of Puffs dad - and Puff doesnt’ know him? Puff and Zip were seen together in Vegas at the previous Tyson fight in 96 - and Puff doesn’t know him?

If you haven’t noticed, I’am saying we SHOULDN’T draw the conclusion that Puff was involved in the Quad studio based on the current information, so how is that “being obsessed to put Puffy in everything”?

If you want to believe Puff doesn’t have anything to do with any of this - go for it, thats your prerogative, but PLEASE don’t pretend to base your conclusions on “common sense”.

who are the 3 independant sources besides Keefe D who was locked up facing life?

I never said Keffe D told ME he never asked for the money but from the interview that you had didn't he say something to the effect of he was making so much money in the streets he wasn't tripping off A MILLION dollars. And that was justifiable to you. Now ask anybody in the streets if that makes sense.  Then in your same interview he said he would have taken far less than a million but puffy offered that much. Again sounds suspect.

I dont have an extensive background in criminal investigation sir.  Alot of people refuse to be questioned that doesnt make them guilty. And puffy did use the crips as bodyguards so he has things he is hding.

Because he had attorneys sit in interviews with JR Mafia makes him guilty?

Never argued that Puffy was lying about using SSCC as security, here you go trying to make a point about a whole different topic to try to make yourself look right on another issue.  BAD BODY USED SSCC AS PROTECTION.  We are not debating that, we are debating that PUFFY PUT A BOUNTY ON SUGE and PAC.

Again how does him denying Zip prove that he put a hit on pac?  again you are using illogic things.  He wanted to distance himself from the crips.  If he publicly says he used crips and knew Orlando and keefe D that would not look good.

Again you are spending an entire paragragh on Zip that again has nothing to do with the issue at hand.  Thats like Young Jeezy denying he knows big Meech when the Feds raid them.  You are going off on tangents.

THE SHOOTER HIMSELF SAID HE DIDNT THINK PUFFY WAS INVOLVED. What evidence do you have besides a snitch who is facing life that pdiddy was involved in either shooting.

First of all, Keffe was never locked up (as a result of our investigation). As far as the sources, I don’t put informants names on blast unless they’ve been exposed as liars. Their statements will appear in the doc, but their names will be redacted. 

You are missing a crucial aspect to understanding the context of Puffy’s conversation with Keffe. Puffy was scared. L.A. was enemy territory. His associate had been held against his will and severely beaten by Suge’s goons in order to get Puff’s address. Puff was talking out of desperation. “Man, I’ll give you a million to take care of this” Did Puff mean a literal million? Maybe, maybe not...he was talking out of fear. Keffe half laugh at it, “Man, I’d of done it for $50K”. 

“Ask anybody on the streets....” Who do you think we talk to? Corporate executives? Monks? College professors? All the information is coming from Crips, Bloods, Thugs, convicts, dope dealers, etc. How much more street can you get? We conducted over 300 interviews in over a 15 year period. 

These murders involved criminals....therefore we are forced to solve them through criminals. I dont think the postal inspector would be able to tell us much. 

Of course it makes sense....after Vegas everyone was trying to lay low. One of the main things you do is keep your distance from your co-conspirators. Plus, Keffe knew the shooting in Vegas was as much about the beat down as it was about anything else. They didnt even have guns in Vegas. 

I’m not saying any ONE thing makes Puffy guilty. The “totality” of information is what we based our conclusions on. It is the empirical evidence. The argument he was involved is much stronger than the argument he wasnt involved, which you’ve offered no evidence for. 

Zip is, and was, the key to the whole thing. Thats why I am emphasizing him. “The shooter himself said he didnt think Puffy was involved” Seriously? Please elaborate.

Puffy’s involvement came via several sources long before Keffe D was questioned by out task force. Thats why we say “Keffe was corroborated”. You seem to think Keffe was the first to mention Puffs involvement. He was not. He was just the first guy who was actually in the Cadillac to mention Puff. 

hey greg appreciate everything u have done finally sum real work and not stupid theories, i have been researching all this for years and i worked out wat happened to tupac the only thing i had wrong was was that terrence brown was driving , did u know that it was dre smith who actualy murdered the famous tenis player in compton aswell ?  i wanted to ask u how much information do u have on buntry mcdonald and neckbone ? were they like the real deal ? and how much influence did suge knight have on the streets ?

@ Greg Kading, is it true that Diddy moved to Los Angeles? Do you know anything about that?

He’s had an L.A. house for years. Travels back and forth depending on where his business is. Zip had an L.A. home also. Both have California Driver’s licenses. 

Bones asked me a question on PM, that I thought I should answer here. “Did Dexter Isaac know whether Stretch was involved in the Quad set-up"

Dexter said he was not sure. He said that Stretch was giving info to Jimmy and Jimmy was relaying the info to Dexter. Dex says Stretch may have just been keeping Jimmy informed as a matter of business. Remember, Pac had been hired by Jimmy to do the work and Stretch was supposed to bring Pac to the studio. Therefore, Stretch may have just been advising Jimmy they were approaching the studio because Jimmy had called and asked, “Where you guys at?” Stretch may not have known what was about to go down. 

What did Dex say Haitian Jack had to do with the setup?  Tupac said himself the reason why they were trying to discipline him was because he called Haitian Jack a snitch in the NY Daily News. 

I dont have an answer to this. I will be sure to ask during my next interview. In the meanwhile, can you check the dates of the NY Daily News and see if Pac’s statements were before or after the Quad incident? 

It was like a week before. It use to be a link with the date and the actual NY Daily News write up. He questioned how Haitian Jack charges were dropped and beleived he was a federal informant.  Haitian Jack claimed that tupac was just mad at him over Madonna.

Here’s the inside scoop on Jack. He was not an official informant. He was what is known as a “soft” informant. That is when you don’t have a guy sign official paperwork resulting in an “informant package”. Soft informants do things like get peoples cell phone numbers, vehicle information, girlfriends names, etc. Stuff that investigators need, but never requires an informant to testify. Did you ever watch the show Starsky and Hutch? They had an informant named "Huggy Bear” Thats a soft informant. No paperwork. You do me a favor, I’ll do you a favor. It used to be the way most informants operated. Nowadays, things have to be much more official, especially after the Rampart Scandal when cops were making shit up and saying they had an informant when in fact, no informant even existed. Police agencies take informant issues very seriously these days.





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