So I've been doing a lot of research on the Illuminati. It all started with Jay-Z. Once you put all the pieces together it stops becoming a theory and then just becomes a conspiracy. If you believe those pieces then you have to believe it all. That the Illuminati uses entertainers as puppets to brainwash the masses into believing in personas and ideals that aren't even close to reality. Well, you have to bow to get in. That also explains why as soon as Kid Cudi got a record deal, he was ready to quit the industry. But once you say you're in, there's no turning back, or you get blacklisted. Marked (like say shot 5 times on the way to the studio) or set up (say charged with a rape case)...and finally if you dont keep your mouth shut you get murdered (like say shot on a busy street in front of everyone with no [alive] witnesses).


The whole music industry is based on control. But Tupac did not like to be controlled, and after he signed he was upset with what he had gotten himself into. Then he exposed other members, such as Dr. Dre and Quincy Jones, admitting that they were involved in homosexual acts. Although this is common place in secret societies, it is detramental to the image of a rapper and can be harmful information when given to the public. Tupac was chosen for his skill and his influence. But because he refused to allow that influence to be controlled by those who seek our demise, and because he also refused to keep completely quiet about it, he was a marked man. At one point he pretended to not know anything about the Illuminati in order to not incriminate himself. But, notice that on the Tupac cd where he is making a well known Illuminati signal with his hands (the pyramid with his fingers with the point in the direction of his brain symbolizing the enlightenment of the mind), the album is entitled "All Eyes On Me". The message is that everyone is watching him, including the people that are purposely making him flash this symbol, knowing the full spiritual and pagan meaning behind it.


But, if you know NOTHING of the Illuminati, why would you call yourself Don Kill-luminati. As in Don of Kill the Illuminati? He sacrificed himself because he did not want to lead other souls into damnation, or sell his soul to sell music. That is why he has the look on his face that he knows he is going to be killed. And that is also why he is shown as Jesus hanging from the cross on the front of his Makaveli Album.


This is the big secret that Pac wanted to, but could not expose. I got more info  on my blog. Its based around the book of Revelations in the Bible, but there are a couple so far that relate to the Illuminati/NWO conspiracy. Revelations Series Chapter 2 Pitstop and Chapter 2A. Check them out and open your eyes and your mind. We have all been deceived...

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Thorough Bread as always appreciate you putting your time and energy into making a blog tru TB style ! you covered a lot of angles and did so very articulately it flows really well and your making some good points and exposing some serious pieces of the puzzle. I would like you to notice here on this reply i am posting the "Illuminati Killed Tupac" Video because well i'm sure you have at least seen pieces on these interviews and commentary you are referring to. . . but i am also to say I have a really strong counter argument to this latest wave of Tupac killed by Illuminati... to me this is a greatly edited piece and I love the choice of track selections Let me add that my counter argument is not necessarily against the idea Pac was killed by Illuminati but more on identifying 'who' specifically is this illuminati and lets get in detail about it. ,because we know Pac was set up at Quad, we know the rape case was bogus and a part of the 'conspiracy' there is no question in my mind. i still cannot let go of the seriousness of the idea that 'everything may not be as it seems.' if you watch the Lionel Martin series, and particularly Part 2 provides a substantiated hypothesis on an alternative 'theory' regarding the 7 Day Theory Don Killuminati cover on the cross... check it out if you have the chance! thanks again for your input., if you ever find the article drop that on here to been waiting for that one
Find more videos like this on Truth About Tupac (Tattoo Dreams)
This is true man!
Mr. Martin really opens up possibilities and shows these through symbols in the video expressing more of who Pac was, better than I've seen in other music videos
Also the fact that the intro for Don Killuminati:7 Day Theory is "Allow me to Introduce Makaveli tha Don, spiritual lyrics like the Holy Koran"
It really does tie in with the album cover itself, and Tupac on the cross.
thanks for watchin lil homie !
My pleasure bro let the truth be told
right on right on !
Aaaah come on no offense but this is online conspiracy bull shit
Please dont get confused by this
Just because you see Jay Z make one little hand sign he is automatically Illuminati, and the theories arise
Pac did NOT believe in Illuminati
He even said in an interview and in the song 'They Don't Give A Fuck About Us'
And Illuminati itself?
Very, very interesting shit but its not real
Any lil kid can go online and find out about it and be 'enlightened'
It actually doesnt spin from there. It comes all the way from ancient egypt. You dont have to go online to see it, look at your dollar bill. And really it all goes back to Genesis, when Satan tempted adam and eve and he told them eat of the tree of good and evil and their "eyes would be opened" and they would be like god. It's hard to explain without having some spiritual background because if you dont believe you won't understand.

But if you want some hard core proof, investigate people like Albert Pike, Aleister can find specific references to their documents, some of which have been instituted into our governmental law and are the basis for secret societies such as the Masons. Ask yourself why teachings of Madam Blavatsky, a known satanist, was actually the whole background for Nazi Germany. Why Alice Bailey, another known satanist and the creator of Lucifer Trust, now known as Lucis Trust, why her teachings were stored at United Nation's headquarters. And if you pay attention to all the new laws they TELL YOU they are putting into place, plus all the numerous references to a New World Order in music entertainment, politics, and also in latin on that same dollar bill underneath the pyramid you cant deny that all the dots are connected. This isnt a battle of flesh and blood its a spiritual war that manifests itself in high places. Just as the bible tells you we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, and spiritual wickedness in high places.

They control the money, they control the people and they make people sell their souls for it. Oh and the OTO, Knights of Templar, Masons, Skull and Bones (Yale members OPENLY ADMIT they worship Baal, another pagan god you can reference in the bible) they are all front groups for the Illuminati. They split it up to confuse us, but they control more than just music. They run the world. They are your Bilderberg group, your Rockerfeller bloodline, Council of Foreign Relations, Tri-lateral Commission (which the insignia is also a Satanic symbol).

Ask why all entertainers throw up the Diablo? That sign dont mean love. American Sign Language adopted that after John Lennon threw that up because they thought he was all about love. But they started backmasking based on Aleister Crowleys book on Black Magic where he teaches that those who are advanced in black magic should listen and read backwards to increase their powers. Something that satanist also teach, as they read the Lord's prayer backwards as an afront to Christ. That sign is the sign of Baphomet, another image of Satan, that they are all forced to throw up. As a matter of fact, 2pac is the only one I havent seen throw that up, which I took as a direct show of his defiance.

But I will be posting more info on my blog, because I traced this all the way back to the Priests of Thebes in Ancient Egypt, during the time when Akhenaten tried to get the people to stop worshipping pagan gods. Why else would a bunch of white people from England bother to put an Egyptian pyramid on their money??? There's too much background, but they put out all this propganda to make you fear truth. It's subconscious double think like in George Orwell's 1984. You know it's real, but everything you've been taught and all the conditioning they put in the media tells you if you believe it, you're crazy. But thank God that the bible says he has not given us a spirit of fear, but of Power, Love and a Strong Mind. I spread truth not to fuel conspiracy theories, but to open the eyes of others and give all my praise and glory to the one above. Who the son sets free is free indeed.

By the way, check out the blog. Im gonna start going back and referencing current event information as well, just to show that I'm not taking lines from "online conspiracy bullshit" lol.
Yes I know it came be traced back very far the dollar bill and many other things
Yes I've heard David Icke and Jordan Maxwell
But Tupac did not believe in the Illuminati, and they did not kill him
The only thing people say is that they MAYBE would of MAYBE had a reason to WANT to kill him, so they did
And Illuminati is such a dry, used up term, theres no straight up real definition for it
Everybody who believes it will give you different answers
Devil/Satan Worshipers
Secret keepers
Child Molesters even i've been told
Crooked cops
What it comes down to is just fear, fear, fear
Thats why its so dry
Its just everything you've ever feared, even that monster in your closet, compiled together to form Illuminati
It doesn't get any drier than that
And the other thing is, you tie every single aspect of our history into Illuminati
America came from Rome, straight up
And anything you theorists can connect from America to Rome, you will find ANYTHING to connect it to Illuminati somehow, whatever way you WANT
Because you twist and bend
Illuminati is a big topic, but Tupac didnt believe in it

No one believes in it your tricked into it,and brain washed. The American dream!  right . they should say the American illusion.

fo sho!
Miss Alice, let me say a couple things. First off your knowledge of secret societies is very intensive. I would like to add however that Pac also studied Alice Bailey ... and have documented evidence of that . . . Madame Blavatsky did have connections to third reich as well as George Bush grand father Prescot. . . . Many of these things are true however again your missing some major pieces of the puzzle when going back to Egypt. Because lets be clear not only did 'white' people or power structure put the Masonic symbol on the dollar bill because so much of that is embedded in the founding of our government, like you said the architecture goes back to ancient Greece. But Greece was just a Baby when the African and Asiatic Civilizations were thriving. All of the intellectual 'properties' Western and JudaoChristian Culture claim as our Genesis such as 'democratic governnance' and the philosophical traditions of Socrates and Aristotle has its roots in Ancient Egypt. Not only did the West and 'White Folk' steel these concepts (simply by not acknowledging their sources while the authors of said sources to cite the ancients in commentary)... my point is that the Bible you are referencing is the biggest manipulation ... The story of Adam and Eve is actually lifted from Ancient Sumeria, who were known astrologers.Akenaton as you mentioned you know is connected to the history of the Amenhotep tradition , which associated with the God 'Amen" or "Amen-Ra" (personified by the Ram and Goose or "Air" and "Breath")... This is where the Jews, and later the "Christians" got the word "Amen" from which in a closing of a prayer means "it is so" or "verily true" (we all agree are on "one" Accord- Amen)..

Furthermore you will find that the "Ram" is actually the zodiac sign "Aries" and is utilized mythologically throughout the Old Testament (which corresponds to the Age of Aries), take for example Ab"Ram" when he is about to kill his son, and then God supplements a "Ram" instead, then Abram's name later changes to "Abraham" hence "Ham" , "ham" of course was the son of Noah and (the father of "Cush" "Egypt" "Put" and "Canaan")...

Now tell me why then every since the curse of Ham White supremacist have used the curse as a means to justify slavery and the alleged inferiority of African Peoples. now going back to Amenhotep (or Akehnaton as you said),, this political upheaval happened just before the onslaught of the New Kingdom , circa 1300's BCE,, following that time was the Pharoah "RAM"ses (Ramses) who is the Pharoh that scholars have recognized during the 'bondage' of the Israelites in Egypt... This is a full 1200 plus years after the GReat Pyramids were built at Giza (Still one of the wonders of the world).. which are astronomical marking points and observatories for the sirius dog star and the constellation of Orion, which is associated with Osirs.

The All Seeing Eye on your Dollar Bill you referred to represents Osiris, and this is the original Resurrection myth... Osiris was murdered by his evil brother Set and his divine perfect and wife Isis gathered his dismembered body parts and breathed life into him and he was resurrected through the rise of the Phoenix, or his Penis, his Phallus another words the divine mother made love with the divine father and the child "horus" was born... This is not only the original resurrection myth that filtered into Persia as Mitras (who also had 12 disciples), and Dionysus in Ancient Greece, this is where the allegory was applied to the one known as "Jesus".., Tupac actually refers to this (or he is referring to the Indigenous or "pagan" belief and myth in Peru associated with his Namesake "Tupac Amaru (the Inca)" , when he said on the song "Untouchable" from "Pacs Life" (Bury me in pieces cause they fear reincarnation)... This is a direct reference to Osiris and Tupac Amaru (the Shining SERPENT)!

Because remember the serpent (The evil dragon) in Genesis has other associations in other cultures.... The twelve disciples, are really the new testaments reinvention of the 12 Tribes of Israel (Which resurface in Revelations and are a metaphor for the Egyptian Zodiac)... The Egyptians were the first to map out the solar year of 365 days and they were performing brain surgery as far back as the early Middle Kingdom. The original Egyptians were African Nubians or "Cush"ites and they were most certainly not "Christian" and Tupac also was not limited by this very one sided way of interpreting the universe... Remember words like "God" and "Satan" were inventions of the "Goths" actually the word "God" is the root of "Good" which is "Goth" or "Visigoth" and are the people that finished off and took over the fallen Roman Empire... This is where we enter "The socalled Dark" Ages of Western European indentured servitudes to feudal land monopolies.

They used the bible to manipulate us just as they are doing today . That is why we had the "protestant" reformation just around the socalled enlightenment and rennaisance era... same time Queen Isabella and Ferdinand finally took the Iberian Peninsula back from the Moors who were preserving the true knowledge of Ancient Greece and Egypt at the time of backwards living in Europe. We tend to forget this today . Thats why I pointed out the video of Lionel Martin and the known 'rumor' that Tupac was or could have been in a process of converting to Islam prior to this 'death' which would make sense why the first lyrics he even raps on Don"killuinati on Bomb First (folowing the intro) is "Allow me to Introduce Makaveli the Don, spiritual lyrics like the Holy Koran"... (point blank there is no way around that).

Ontop of the fact Muslims don't believe Jesus even died on the cross exponentializes the facts connecting to Knights of Templar, what you hear in the Da Vinci Code etc 'That Jesus like Pac, had a child'! and a "living legacy' (on earth as it is in heaven).

I would suggest watching the Tupac Lost Interviews where he says straight up "God" is "Dog" Backwards and "Live" is "Evil" backwards "Some cool motherfucker just came up with that" like KRS ONE SAYS in 1996 on the album I GOT NEXT

Truth is Truth.... (From the song first quarter free throws KRS ONE)

"Jesus is the son of God no lie, but they might be talkin bout the sun up in the sky,
the sun that hangs off the cross of the zodiac,
the zodiac with twelve signs to be exact,
each house is a period and you should keep in mind,
each one represent a period of time
the time, 2000 years and thats a fact,
its called an age or the house of the zodiac"

"everybody is bad and everybody is tough,
but how many are intelligent enough,
to open up they eyes and see through the lies,
discipline theirselves your self to stay alive,
not many,
thats why the universe sent me here to day
on this stage with this to say:

Big brother watching over you is a lie you see,
Hip Hop can build its own secret society,
but first we must unify,
stop the negativity and control our creativity"

(i have almost everything mentioned in this above reply documented and with citations in my book which is available for free in PDF form on the blog "Tupac as a Modern Folk Hero"





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