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The first thing that hits me about this excerpt is that Dexter Isaac's descriptions of the events which link him directly to 2pac and have made him famous are found in Chapter 30??

This makes me ask the question...what is in the first 29 chapters????  This is crazy to think about...what's in this book???

where can i find dis book?


Just wait till they read the rest Dex....... You all will be shocked and amazed at just how life can quickly twist right before your eyes !!!! I still say my book going to be the #1 must read of the century !!!! LOL :)

I'm guessing they wasn't meant to shoot Pac that night rob him and leave. So they ended up shooting him. Like everyone else i think the whole book for me will be chapter 30.

Dahn if you think the whole book for u is going to be Ch 30 then your in for a rude awakening. If you feel that way after you have finished reading the whole book then I will either refund your money personally or give you my second book for free. Deal ?

You got yourself a deal Dexter.

When is the book released? And will it be available for purchase in the uk & Ireland?
When is the book released? And will it be available for purchase in the uk & Ireland?

Mmmmm, I  don't know Dexter.  This is a website devoted to the fans of Tupac and you felt it "ok" to post this here?!  Interesting... However, I'm gonna purchase your book tho, just because I'm a real fan of Pac's, after I read it,I will give you a more detail opinion. 

Not to be disrespectful to Mr. Issac in any way but is this a tool to sell the book? If you want people to know the events, then why not just say them? Where is the rest? I feel the same. This is a pro-Pac forum. We spread jewels about Pac's life and how we can apply it to our lives to better ourselves. We want truth. That's it. Everyone on this site knows what Jimmy was on and we know he was a real live Black Gangster. Pac also told us that he ''promised to payback Jimmy Henchman in due time..." and payback came in full circle once he was arrested. We all know the game is full of illusion but also a chess match. Where do you fall on the board?

Very well said Mossy. 





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