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Looking for Brilliant People
-internet geniuses
- graphic/web designers
- business minds
- application developers

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All forums Tupac or Hip Hop Innovators need apply

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internet genius i am not.
graphic web design? don't have the software and have not experimented or learned enought to be effective or productive.

business mind? i don't know enough about law or business but i know its pretty simple to learn the basics. are you guys looking for someone to manage, balance business? like accounting financial planning budgeting or ways to grow business via marketing etc?

App developers? nah, cant code or know any comp languages.

What i can do is write. Content of any and every kind for any and every purpose.

I have a full time job which takes most of my days and weeks from me...but i hate it and am really gettin sick of it and will probably just quit or get a new job ASAP.

I'm always down to help TAT.






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