Tupac and the Divine Ratio / The 7 day theory solved ....

It wasn't the 7 days at the end.

It was at the beginning.

Let it register that he had no control of it and yet It happened, what does it all mean?

June 16 1971 is Tupac's birth date.


The bible uses 360 day years
the Mayans did too
Lots of ancient culture did.

If you set aside the 365.25 day year and adjust to 360 day years.

360 degrees in a circle / sphere / cipher.

The year 1971 becomes the year 2000

June 16th in a 360 day year is the 162nd day of the year.

In fact it is the 161.75 day of the year adjusted for leap years and such but 162 is its slot.

1.618 or 1.62 is the golden ratio/divine ratio/ golden mean etc. it's a proportion found in all of nature, the pyramids, and a lot of the great art in the world < Mona Lisa , last supper , lots more >

Tupac was born on the 162nd day of the year 2000 if a true taking of the calendar had been maintained.

Meaning he was born on the Golden Mean of the year 2000.

When you take 2000 and divide it by the golden mean of 1.62 you get .....

1234.5679 < the 7 day theory >

William Shakeapeare

His death year is adjusted from 1616 to 1640 when a 360 day year is applied.

Tupac and Shakespeare are separated by 360 yrs and 7-9 days total in this way.

1640 divided by the divine ratio of 1.62 is


That is the 7 day theory. All of us got so focused in on the end of Tupac's life that it escaped us that it was the beginning where the 7 day theory lies.

This is a start.
There are a lot more secrets to this equation.

What does it mean when your favorite rapper personifies the golden mean?

Remember those fingerprints on the inside of the Don Killuminati cover?
The Divine Ratio is often called "Gods Fingerprint"

This equation also reveals Machiavelli's place in this too < born exactly 150 years
before Shakespeares death but now you have to figure out that part for yourself >

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Nah c'on, u started,gota finish it now bruh..





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