Followers of Black Jesus on Alert: Thoughts on the Story of Tupac Shakur’s Life/Death/Life

This blog was created for us to begin discussing the implications and conversations raised by Anthony B. Pinn and Paul Easterling in

Followers of Black Jesus on Alert: Thoughts on the Story of Tupac Shakur’s Life/Death/Life

There has been a great deal of attention given to Tupac Shakur in recent years. Much of this has involved speculation concerning his life and death - with some of his fans arguing that he will return. In this essay, the authors explore and unpack this discussion of Tupac's "second-coming," relating it to notions of the trickster figure and Jesus Christ.

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This had some good insight on analyzing Tupac as the Black Jesus/Trickster figure. The idea of duality is apparent in hip hop and the article talks about Tupac/Black Jesus/Makaveli, Flava Flav/William Jonathan Drayton, Jr, Shock G/Humpty Hump/Greg Jacobs, and even ODB and his other personas... The ultimate goal for the trickster is to find balance. And Pac has accomplished a very difficult feat. by cheating death. One may say that technically all artists live forever through their music, poetry, writings, paintings, pictures, videos, etc... And this is very true, HOWEVER, Tupac was able to cheat death and live forever in a way that many people really believe that he's PHYSICALLY still alive and will one day come back soon, just like the story of Jesus. It makes me wonder a couple thinks. Either Tupac's a "trickster" or Jesus Christ is a "trickster."
I am glad you brought that up. I had so much I wanted to say about the Trickster and we never brought it. We are just getting used to each other's process, but you have so much insight that you have to be more vocal with your notes. I am getting really energized learning with all of you.
Yeah, there was an awful lot of material to cover and talk about. I think we'll all progress as chemistry builds, I hope. I do find it difficult to talk about organized religion sometimes because I know that some people are very sensitive to their beliefs. Like in the song Blasphemy, there's a line where he says, "Looking at the Sun don't pay" I was thinking that it could be a reference to Pagan religions or people that pray to nature and how it could basically translate to say that in the society we live in, getting material things mean more than old beliefs like honoring nature. I know from his reading library that you both studied things like astrology, the occult teachings, a lot of Alice Bailey, The Kabbalah, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Psychedelic Experience for the Tibetan book of the dead...The Meaning of Masonry... and so many more books that are different than what people normally study. I forget all of the books from the list but I also recall there were different books regarding Jesus as well.

I would really love to study more into these books and talk about what you both took from them.

I remember an interview where Tupac was talking about the Bible and said something like he thinks someone smart wrote it to control people. Like you put an extra O in GOD and you have GOOD. And if you add a D to Evil, you have Devil. Which I believe he is on point because I think that society is controlled by religion in the same way that it is controlled by government.

Then there's stories online about the Baphomet... Honestly, I don't know how to get into all of this because I realize that everything with Tupac is delicate and I don't want to step on anyone's toes.
all really important topics to discuss. I am already making my notes for points in Look for me in the whirlwind so don't hold back your thoughts.....





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