Mind of Makaveli Curriculum


The “Mind of Makaveli” is an academic exploration into the
revolutionary, metaphysical, and intellectual themes that inspired, and
were expressed, through Tupac’s transformation into “Makaveli”. We will
be looking at Tupac’s influences in texts and primary sources, as well
as how these influences became themes in his music, message, and full
artistic legacy.

Week 1- September 13 (Introduction)
Week 2 - September 20 “Exit 2Pac- Enter Makaveli” (Legend)
Week 3 – September 27 “Family” (Cycles)
Week 4 –October 4 “Economy” (Race)
Week 5 –October 11 “Military Mindz” (Loyalty)
Week 6 –October 18 “The Rap Game” (Strategy)
Week 7 –October 25 “Killuminati” (Secrets)
Week 8 –November 1 “Political Party” (Power)
Week 9 –November 8 “Keep ya Head Up” (Survival)
Week 10 –November 15 “Resolution” (Truth)
Week 11 –November 29 “Black Jesus” (The Return)
Week 12 –December 6 “Euphanasia” (Education)
Week 13 – December 13 Until the End of Time” (Eternally)

Week 1- September 13 (Introduction)

In class:

Changes, Introductions, libations, Dear Mama, Guest Speakers, curriculum.

Week 2 - September 20 “Exit 2Pac- Enter Makaveli” (Legend)

Song Analysis: Hail Mary / Blasphemy


-Followers of Black Jesus on Alert (Makaveli Reader)
-Vibe Excerpt “The Last Testament” with Rob Marriott, pages 124- 126 (Makaveli Reader)
-The White Book, pages 1-48

Guest Speaker: TBA

Questions 2 Consider:

What does “Exit 2Pac- Enter Makaveli” mean?

How are the ideas expressed by Niccolo Machiavelli in “The Prince”
related to Pac’s reasoning for taking on the Makaveli moniker?

What was Tupac trying to convey or re-invent himself through the name of
Makaveli? How is Tupac’s Legacy or message connected to that of Nicholo

Did you notice the references to the selected songs for the week “Hail
Mary” & “Blasphemy” in the readings from The White Book? What are
their significance?

Based on “Followers of Black Jesus on Alert” what would be ‘reasons’ why some would speculate Tupac has faked his death?

What is the message in “Followers of Black Jesus”?

Is Tupac a mere urban legend or is there something greater at work?

Week 3 – September 27 “Family” (Cycles)

Song Analysis: Brenda’s Got a Baby / Happy Home


- Look For me in the Whirlwind, pgs. 287-295; 348-361 (Makaveli Reader)
-The White Book, pages 49-100

Guest Speaker: TBA

Video: Original Footage of Afeni speaking in Kentucky (late 90’s)

Questions 2 Consider:

How did Afeni’s family history and childhood influence her evolution into activism and political life?

How does Pac address the social ills and effects of poverty on community
in songs like Brenda’s Got a Baby, such as addiction and violence?

How do songs like Happy Home illustrate Pac’s desire for a better life for him and his family?

What does it take to move from cycles of defeat into a victorious and
healing process that can benefit the Havenotz and society as a whole?

Week 4 –October 4 “Economy” (Race)

Song Analysis: Im Gettin Money / Krazy


-Son of a Panther, pgs. 47-67, Holler if you Hear Me (Makaveli Reader)
-A New Alliance for Global Change; Harvard Business Review, pgs. 56-64 (Makaveli Reader)
The White Book pages 101-141

Audio Play: Mos Def “Pride in the Panther”

Video Clip: TBA

Guest Speaker: TBA

Questions 2 Consider:

What is the Lie, the curse, the epitaph?

What does it mean to be ‘born into’ a history or revolutionary legacy
like Tupacs? How did this effect Tupac’s upbringing and what
responsibilities did he shoulder?

How does Pac growing up under surveillance, and having knowledge of
programs like MKUltra and Cointel-pro influence ones ability to “see”
the truths that are missed on everyday people? What does the “fallout
generation” mean?

How did Pac teach Afeni to “make peace with capitalism”? and what does that mean for our understanding of “the game” as a whole?

How can we develop progressive and viable economic models that benefit global change?

Is there a way to positively balance and progress relationships between
the streets (i.e. “revolution/Thug Life”) and Corporate America (i.e.

What does this mean for the youth who are caught in worlds of violence
and poverty? How can we guide them to a more holistic and all-inclusive
mode of living to benefit themselves and all communities?

Week 5 –October 11 “Military Mindz” (Loyalty)

Song Analysis: Panther Power/ Smile for me now

-Bandana Republic, “With all due respect...” pgs 79-80; (MakaveliReader)
-Ten Point Plan of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (Makaveli Reader)
-Code of Thug Life (Makaveli Reader)
-Rose that Grew from Concrete Introductory Chapter
-“Fallen Star” dedicated from Rose that Grew from Concrete
The White Book, pages 142-186

Video Clip: Excerpts from Huey P Newton Speech,

Guest Speakers: TBA

Questions 2 Consider:

What is different today in the gang culture, verses the principles upon which they were founded?

What happened during “The Drug Years” that tainted not only the revolutionary movements, but the music as well?

How is the “Code of the Thug Life” an evolution or extension of the “Ten Point Plan” of the Black Panthers?

Is there a new or collaborative model/plan that could be utilized to
actualize what Tupac planned to achieve (as expressed in the principles
he sought to instill) in the coming “Spiritual Revolution”?

Week 6 –October 18 “The Rap Game” (Strategy)

Song Analysis: Bomb First/ Against All Odds


-The Prince, by Niccolo Machiavelli, Intro & Chapters 1-7; pgs. vii-14 (Makaveli Reader)
- “Scapegoat” from “Got Your Back” (Makaveli Reader)
-2Pac Lives “The Birth of Makaveli” pgs. 72-88
-The White Book, pgs. 187-236

Sound Clip: Excerpts from Sway interview on “peace treaty”

Guest Speaker: TBA

Questions 2 Consider:

What does Pac and the Outlawz mean by “Bomb First” in a Military Minded strategic sense?

How can this strategy be justified or have different merit depending on
the situation? For example, George Bush’s “pre-emptive war” and rush
into war in Iraq is easily comparable with “trigger happy” cops who
“shoot first, and ask questions later?”

(“and now Bush can’t stop the hit, i predicted this shit in...”)

How does the revolutionary legacy and responsibility that Tupac was born
into equate with the “kingdom” or “princedom” of sorts, similar to
those described by Niccolo Machiavelli?

Do you think Tupac related to the real Machiavelli’s teachings in this
sense? As thought he was inheriting a legacy or conquering in order to
found a new reality (governance) based on his own morals and

Why is it essential that in “entering a new Province you should have the
good will of its inhabitants?” How does this relate to the Love and
admiration Tupac has received wordwide, and what he strategized to

Who is Tupac addressing in songs like “Bomb First” and “Against All
Odds”? Is it about individuals or principles? What does he mean when he
says “its not about East and West” but about “Power and Money” ?

Week 7 –October 25 “Killuminati” (Secrets)

Song Analysis: Ghetto Star / White Man’z World

- Meaning of Masonry, pgs 5-18; 87-91 (Makaveli Reader)
- “Esoteric Rhetoric” by Abyss from Bandanna Republic pgs.33-35
-2Pac Lives “Tupac on Religion” pgs. 20-29
- The White Book, pages 237-290

Video Excerpts: Vibe lost interview of Tupac speaking on Illuminati

Questions 2 Consider:

Why did Tupac take on the alias “Makaveli the Don Killuminati” in relation to “illuminati”?

What can we gather from Tupac’s own interviews and comments about Illuminati or Secret Societies?

How is the Illuminati “esoteric” and lore of secret societies relevant
to Tupac’s holistic worldview and interest in metaphysics, Eastern
Philosophy, and spirituality?

What is relationship between white privilege and spiritual and religious doctrine?

Week 8 –November 1 “Political Party” (Power)

Song Analysis: Ambitionz az a Ridah/ Letter 2 tha President

“Assata Shakur Bounty” & “Political Resurrection” excerpts pgs. 160-165 (Makaveli Reader)
Tupac Remembered “Cynthia Mckinney” pages 132-133
“Cynthia Mckinney Interview with Thug Life Army” & “Tupac Amaru Shakur Records Collection” pgs. 27-46
Obama Inaugural Address (Makaveli Reader)
The White Book, pages 291-323

Video Clips: Tupac talking about Bill Clinton (Vibe Interviews)

Guest Speakers:

What role did Tupac play in Obama’s election?

Why is Cynthia Mckinney and her feelings about Tupac so significant in the her own political circle?

Why did the effort by the Tupac Amaru Shakur Records Collection to get them through the Freedom of Information Act fail?

What will it take to organize the youth generation for the 2012 Presidential campaigns?

Week 9 –November 8 “Keep ya Head Up” (Survival)

Song Analysis: Keep ya Head Up / Life Goes On


-Tupac Vibe Interview “Fear Stronger than Love”, pgs. 97-102 (Makaveli Reader)
- Introduction to Tupac Remembered pgs. 9-13 (Makaveli Reader)
-Nikki Giovanni Excerpt Tupac Remembered pgs. 128-130 (Makaveli Reader)
“Just a Breath of Freedom” from The Rose That Grew From Concrete
The White Book, pages 324-356

Video Clips: Mutulu Excerpts

Guest Speaker: TBA

Questions 2 Consider:

What was Tupac’s relationship to women?

How did the sexual assault charge effect Tupac’s spirit?

Why did he say he could not die with people thinking he was a rapist?

How is the struggle of women in today’s world still relevant?

Week 10 –November 15 “Resolution” (Truth)

Song Analysis: Me Against The World/ Staring through My Rearview


-Tupac as Modern Folk Hero Sections 1-3 (Makaveli Reader)
-The White Book, pgs. 357-385

Video Clips: Video clip from Malcolm X

Guest Speaker: TBA

Questions 2 Consider:

What is the difference between “honesty” and “truth”? Are they the same?

How did the sexual assault charges against Tupac effect his change into
Makaveli and the wrath which he verbally released on his enemies?

Why is there so much mystery around “2Pac’s Exit”? and still no “resolution” 14 years after the fact?

What was Tupac’s truth? What was his falsehood?

*November 22nd is no class (but special video release online)

Week 11 –November 29 “Black Jesuz” (The Return)

Song Analysis: Black Jesuz/ Still I Rise


-Inkarri and Revolutionary Leadership in the Southern Andes (Makaveli Reader)
-“Still I Rise” page 41, Maya Angelou (Makaveli Reader)
-“God” from Rose that Grew From Concrete
-“The Rose That Grew From Concrete”, Self Titled
-The White Book, pages 386-412

Guest Speaker:

Video Clips: Excerpt of Vibe Lost Interviews on Black Jesus... Behind scenes on Gridlock’d...

Questions 2 Consider:

Why did Tupac call himself Black Jesuz? What is the difference between
the Jesus we traditionally think of verses the Black Jesuz with whom
Tupac identified?

Whats the significance of giving a new or transformed identity to a religious icon such as Jesus?

What qualities in Jesus did Tupac feel he embodied and represented?

What did Tupac accomplish in death that he couldn’t in life? Why?

Week 12 –December 6 “Euphanasia” (Education)

Song Analysis: Unconditional Love/ Letter 2 My Unborn

Holler If You Hear Me, Ch. 3, pgs. 69-101 (Makaveli Reader)
Excerpt on Critical Pedagogy (Makaveli Reader)
Lyrics to Dead Prez “They Schoolz” (Makaveli Reader)

Video Clips: 17 year old footage of Pac in Thug Angel

Audio Recording: Exclusive from Tracy Robinson

Guest Speaker: TBA

Questions 2 Consider:

What were Tupacs ideas as it relates to current and future systems of education?

How is critical pedagogy different from what is considered “the banking style of education?”

In what way does “problem-solution” based education contribute to the leveling of hierarchies and challenge domination?

Do students feel more engaged when working collectively around issues pertinent to their own lives and communities?

Week 13 – December 13 Until the End of Time” (Eternally)

Song Analysis: Until the End of Time / God Bless the Dead

Prepare for presentation- Class Project Preparation.

Guest Speaker: TBA

* Final Project Event & Leila Birthday Party – Wednesday, December

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