This blog was created in conjunction with the Mind of Makaveli Sessions
(Fall 2010)., All Replies have since been closed and re-opened further
in "The White Book Decoded" Group Page, you can request to join "The
White Book Decoded" at

This blog was created in conjunction with the Mind of Makaveli Sessions (Fall 2010)., All Replies have since been closed and re-opened further in "The White Book Decoded" Group Page, you can request to join "The
White Book Decoded" at

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First off this books Prologue really reaches the hardcore fans that have been reading into the life of Tupac and his family. The prologue is really clever and get to you if you're a "true believer."

It's a bit confusing if you go into expecting to read the names and stories your familiar with but since the names have been changed by the author to protect everyone involved. If you aren't familiar with the history then you realy won't know who is who. Towards the end of page 48, it had hit me that the four babies that we're introduced to are Pac, Biggie, Nas, and Jay-Z. Or at least that's what I thought. What do you think?

I would just recommend that it might help everyone if they write down a character list/chart so they can keep track of who is who in The White Book.
Thanks for this! This actually helps a lot with assessing the who's who in the book... I'm reading it now!
I think this was a nice touch, right on page 2.

"Starr, come here. I got something for you. Hurry, run, quick, see!". Outside he took my hand and we went walking. "What do we have here now? Your mother says you have some questions for me".

I recall reading in articles on various sites that Pac once said if he ever had a daughter she would be named "Star".
Something we talked about in class that day which I had picked up in my first reading, and Ajax also picked it up "Run Quick See" "what do we have here now?" is obvious reference to Hail Mary "Run Quick See" !
Why did pac choose to use "Run Quick See" "what do we have here now?" as he says in the intro
"Makaveli in this... Killuminati, all through your body. The blow's like a twelve gauge shotty Uhh, feel me!"
The tongue is the chamber to unload ammo as with bullets, he is throwing out messages trying to convey to who's listening?
He's the sacrificial lamb calling though " hail marry" via mass media to reach his followers " mama told me never stop until I bust, a nut Fuck the world if they can't adjust It's just as well, Hail Mary" those who get the message know the mission.
Where do I even begin on the subject of The White Book? Damn..last thing I wanna do is give away too many details for those reading it for the first time. When I first began building with the homey Young Cush, being that we are like minded in many ways, among the first things he did was strongly recommend my reading this book. I was vaguely familiar with the title having heard it mentioned by al few heads in other online discussions I had taken part in, but all in all this book has largely remained on some deep underground shit and I knew very little about it. Still, being someone that had studied anything and everything related to Pac that I could possibly get my hands on, I found myself very intrigued. Looking back I regret having slept on it as long as I did.

I will say this, for those that have read it and/or are very least familiar with it, the book is a subject of controversy due to the simple fact that for alive believers, many are convinced that the book was penned by Makaveli himself. For those that don’t believe in such things, many of them tend to immediately dismiss the book without having read it, in the process depriving themselves of a fascinating journey through contemporary pop culture history here in America. More specifically, it’s the story of Hip Hop. Shit, in many ways this is the story of our generation, and the people that led up to us...

So don’t fall into that trap, try not to approach it already biased towards a particular Tupac theory. Just read it and see where it takes you.

The approach I took when reading it was simple, make no assumptions just read it like it’s a novel rather than an autobiography, that’s how the book describes itself, as a “novel”. Worse case scenario I read an interesting fictional book loosely based on people and subjects of particular interest to me. If all you are doing is trying to use it to prove Tupac is alive (or even worse ignore the book altogether), you are missing the entire point in my opinion. Just read it and let your pineal gland do the rest.

When I got my copy and began reading it was difficult to put down, I mashed it out in like 3 days (3 day theory?), but in the long run (when I had finished) I ended up spending far more time thinking about this book and contemplating certain things in it, than I actually spent reading it. It kinda left me with a haunting feeling, if you follow it to the end you will understand. Anyway, I have opened up my copy again and will be following along with y'all the next few months. Much more to come from Sparxx on this subject...
Yeah I feel you. It really is a story wherein once you get goin, it's hard to put down. It's pretty crazy. It's almost like reading a screenplay to a movie.
I figured I would put this out there as we get the discussion going, an interesting little detail about this book. In other discussions I have taken part in, some people are curious about the meaning or origin of the title "The White Book". While I cannot speak for the author, it seems apparent that the title is a play off of the title "The Black Book", the unreleased autobiography of Jay-Z. Former writer for the Source and Vibe magazines Dream Hampton had collaberated with Jay to write "The Black Book", and after it was completed Jay became apprehensive about sharing so many personal details of his life and decided against releasing the book. Ironically, Dream Hampton was also the first Source Writer to interview Tupac and do a cover story on him.

In recent news from just a few months ago, the book is now apparently going to be released this November under the name "Decoded". Some have speculated that the book had possibly dealt with subjects like Jay's occult influence (among other things), and It remains to be seen if certain things that were included in "The Black Book" were conveniently edited out of "Decoded". I can say that I myself am very interested in reading the Jay-Z book to see how much of it reasonates with the "AD" or "Seth Smarter" character in The White Book.

That's the thing about The White Book...while it is a novel, for those of us that are familiar with certain details of these characters lives, at times the lines between whats fact and whats fiction begins to blur. Whoever the author is, I credit him for the sheer amount of research that must have gone into this project.

I can confirm that "The White Book" is a play of words off of Jay's infamous "The Black Book"... The author confirmed that to me and is actually alluded to on TWB fliers if you ever get a hold of a hard copy. However, another biggups to Sparxx for reminding me that Dream was the first person with Vibe 2 interview Pac (coincidence?).... hmmmmm
Yeah, I was wondering about that too. I mean, although, it's a novel and should be taken as fiction, there's too much truth being told about the real life characters that it does feel like everything could be true. It's the what's true and what's fiction that has me bugging. But like Pac said in Resurrection, "It's not like I have to tell the truth. All i have to do is tell a story to reach you, get some feeling out of you, and try to get the moral across."

So, like you said, the author obviously had to do a ton of research OR perhaps they were very close to what happened and everything is true to an extent.

We should be able to talk about the first 48 pages (everything up to Seth's birth) because this is where the MOM program should be caught up for now. For anyone reading this that doesn't want spoilers, I'd say STOP READING NOW.

It's all very interesting, and like I said very confusing with all the name changes. What helped me was to write out a character name/description chart that I can keep referencing to. What Young Cush posted up above with the pictures/character names IS actually really going to be helpful to me since I'm just really getting into it.

Quick question, who is Goodman Game/Goodgame supposed to be? I was thinking Geronimo Pratt but I wasn't really sure. Pardon me for not knowing my history as well as the author or some of you but I'm assuming that because he's militant, then he'll be coming back into the fold with the Panther Party.

When the story of Marian came up, this was obviously Afeni what with a "child forming inside her" while in jail. What had me trippin' or what was new to me was her talks with devils. Like she was hearing voices. That made me wonder, was or is Afeni some sort of clairvoyant? And if so, maybe that's why Tupac is so prophetic because he inherited such gifts. For someone to hear such voices, society would consider them "crazy" or "schizophrenic" but if you believe in such gifts(and I DO) then they aren't necessarily crazy but really misunderstood. So I thought it was something new that has never really been brought up.

Going further, mysticism, astrology, paganism, magical ways of thinking have been a big part of our "hidden history." I mean you look into the First Nations in Canada, Native Americans, Mexicans.... just world wide.... it seems like in every culture around the world, everyone used to be very tribal and everyone used to be very much into this magical way of thinking. Even in the King Arthur days that had Merlin and sorcery around. However, at some point with Religion going around and the advent of the Printing Press which created mass production of the Bible, societies were then FORCED into religion or KILLED ( i.e. the Crusades). If you were a so called thought to be a witch or warlock, you were burned at the stake or thrown into a river. If you floated then you were a witch/warlock and were killed, if you drowned, then you were not... either way you died.

My point is that mysticism, astrology, paganism, animism, metaphysical, magical ways of thinking, were really given a derogatory view from society as it was considered by many as foolish and "crazy."

This novel, and a lot of new found information concerning all of the Tupac conspiracies (i.e. the Baphomet, the Illuminati) all surround itself with such beliefs.

I actually find it hard to talk about with most people around me because most people are trapped in "the matrix" and believe that everything they were led believe is true and that's it.

Going back to THE WHITE BOOK, there are many references here to this way of thinking. Starting with Marian/Afeni talking to the devil and displaying her psychic ability about what's going to happen in the future...

Voletta Wallace is given the name GAIETTA NEECE or GAIA is also known as MOTHER EARTH or "is a broadly inclusive term for related concepts that living organisms on a planet will affect the nature of their environment in order to make the environment more suitable for life."

The father of Malik(Nas) is Swang whose name is changed to Sirius when changing religions...SIRIUS is an astrological reference "The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius was the embodiment of Isis, sister and consort of the god Osiris, who appeared in the sky as Orion. Sirius first appeared in the dawn sky each year around the time of the summer solstice and just before the Nile's flood season."

MALIK (NAS) as a baby is also described as a future prophet.

The story of JACK LILY/ JL tied in a few of the JAY Z/ ILLUMINATI conspiracies for me. It is of my understanding, or so I was told by someone with knowledge of the Illuminati that it's a bloodline and you can't just join them but you have to be part of the family. I always wondered if JAYZ/SETH was truly supported by the Illuminati, how would this be possible? It would be possible if his father was a loyal, life long assistant to a "secret society" and they MADE him to influence the music industry and further control society how they deem appropriate. When you look at how Hip Hop is, who is bigger than JAY Z right now?

Also, look at the name SETH. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, Set (also spelled Seth, Sutekh or Seteh) is an evil Egyptian god "with the head of a beast that has high square ears and a long snout; brother and murderer of Osiris."

This is all peculiar symbolism that has to be considered. I'm not claiming to know what the truth is but I sure would like to. What's your thoughts on the first 48 pages...I'd say we could talk more about the book as soon as everyone else catches up.

One more thing I'd like to point out is Biggies name Thomas. I wonder if it was a reference to the main character in Native Son, "Bigger Thomas."

Very interesting analysis, you touch on many subjects I myself study and research outside of Pac. As far as names I had a similar interpretation as you, particularly with Gaia and Gaietta, and there are many ways we could interpret Sirius. The "Dog Star" which to some may also be an anagram for "God Star" or "Sun God" (after all, suns are stars and stars are suns depending on perspective) considering how much Sirius appears in certain symbols and does that make Olu Dara's child "God's Son" ? Just thinking out loud.

With Afeni being Marian, and Mutulu as Yosef, I think that's rather self explanatory if we are thinking in terms of "Black Jesus"....But what I really wanted to touch on is your thoughts on "Seth", great viewpoint that for some reason entirely escaped me the first time around.

Taking the legend of Osiris a step further, when Set murdered Osiris his body was dismembered into 14 pieces and scatted across Egypt, each of the pieces representative of the 12 to 14 full moons that appear each year. When Isis searched for the pieces she only found 13, so she made the phallus out of gold.

For me it kinda brings to mind Pac lyrics such as ""Only wish to breed I explode into a million seeds, Yall remember me legendary live eternally, Bury me in pieces cuz they fear reincarnation" (untouchable) and "around the way niggas get murdered by the full moon" (killuminati).

In an unrelated coincidence, Pac's sister also goes by the nickname "Set". In conversations I have had with Cush, and I believe he touches on it in "Tupac As A Modern Folk Hero"...Tupac Amaru II was also dismembered and the pieces of his body buried in various locations around Peru. IMO, you should mos def read Cush's work on that subject, very interesting indeed.

The thing that always stood out to me about the Osiris myth was "13 pieces" were found. In attempting to relate this to Pac, we all know that numerologically, the numbers 7 and 13 appear prominently in his story. EDI was wearing a #13 jersey in "Hitemup", Orlando Anderson was wearing a #13 jersey on the MGM surveillance footage, and as we all know he passed on Friday, Sept 13, 1996....Shit, Biggie's first album "Ready To Die" was released on September 13, 1994, and peaked at #13 on the Billboard charts. Symbolically speaking at least, was Biggie unknowingly saying he was "ready to die" because of Pac's death? This is all esoterica and synchromysticism.

Looking at it from a "Killuminati" perspective, it was Friday, October 13, 1307 (13 and 7) that the Templars were rounded up and executed by the Church. This apparently making it a landmark day for Illuminists, and the suspected origin of the entire idea of Friday the 13th being an ominous day. Just like the Masonic ceremonies to lay the cornerstones for the twin towers (twin pillars) and pentagon (pentagram) both place on a .Sept 11, the White House (which sits at the apex of the dc street pentagram) cornerstone was laid on Oct 13.

Anyway...sorry to get off topic, but these are just a few of the things from a recent blog I have been working on, we could probably go a whole lot further down the rabbit hole Ajax, based on some of the subjects I have seen you mention in your posts.





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Young Noble of The Outlawz on this new 2pac biopic

This letter is from Young Noble of The Outlawz addressing the Rumors, Lies & Confusion surrounding this new 2pac movie All Eyez On Me in theaters this June 16. Outlawz been keeping quiet about it for the longest because its so much nonsense that happened behind the scenes regarding 2pac Estate Lawyers that we chose not to speak on it out of respect for 2pac and the love we have for his family.Read more hereSee More
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