This blog was created in conjunction with the Mind of Makaveli Sessions
(Fall 2010)., All Replies have since been closed and re-opened further
in "The White Book Decoded" Group Page, you can request to join "The
White Book Decoded" at

This blog was created in conjunction with the Mind of Makaveli Sessions (Fall 2010)., All Replies have since been closed and re-opened further in "The White Book Decoded" Group Page, you can request to join "The
White Book Decoded" at

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damn straigh! young cush is doin his homework! i'm on it!
damn man... i'm reading all your notes and I can't keep up! this is some deep shit for real! This is all intriguing and I don't know what to make of it... as is life I suppose.

It's all got me thinking... especially those lyrics
"Ask around, who's laid up, sharp and straight up
Mafioso, gettin niggaz wigs sprayed up
Skies are misty, my life's predicted by a gypsy
I'll one day walk into shots drunk off champange from Sicily
There goes that "magical" way of thinking. Even when you bring up if you aren't christian, muslim, or jewish, then your religion is pagan. That's what really got me thinking. I think about all of the "first nations" all of the "lost tribes." And when you think about it they honored God by honoring nature. Not books written by man but straight up scriptures. I've thought about this before... and when we get to the character W, he goes more into "faith."

How it's dying out... the book also talks about how logic and science will turn mankind into Gods. I really buy into that... a lot of things i've read, a lot of things i've studied or even watched on youtube talk about this. in this quest for the truth, the world as we know it really becomes questionable... I don't know what's real and fake... and I think that all you can do is trust your heart/instincts/intuition and be open to everything... (more to come on all of this...)
The reincarnation thing is something found in a lot of eastern thought (which I find much deeper than western though). I mean how many wars have been started in the name of Buddha? Even in the Tibetan Book of The Dead (which pac studied) they talk about in The Bardo Thodol which "describes the experiences of the consciousness after death during the interval known as bardo between death and rebirth."

I also read this book called Seth Speaks, which is "entirely dictated by Seth, psychic author Jane Roberts's trance personality." It also talks about metaphysics, the power of the mind and soul, and the truth that dreams are other real realities that your "soul" or "entity" does actually experience. This made me think of Tupac's famous quote, "Reality is wrong, dreams are for real."

Yeah, you're right. Even in Japan, they read books starting in the back to front... something else I'd like to point out, it might just be a coincidence but Tupac in Tagalog(Filipino) is someone who is "crazy." I'm just throwing that out there but we all know the famous line from juice, "You're right, I am crazy..." Tupac labeled himself crazy... but in my eyes, he was just a genius artist... and like most genius artists, they're looked at as crazy and misunderstood while alive because they think and see the world differently than the majority. He even goes onto discuss his mind in an interview where he talks about how his "thought patterns are so different than everyone elses." and that he'll have either "changed the world" or "or BE changed BY the world."
That Pac man concept is pretty deep intense... again is it coincidence or is there more to it... I remember reading somewhere, in one of these books I've been reading... I think it was in either The Alchemist or Seth Speaks, where it said, "nothing in life happens by coincidence."

Even the Luxor hotel is a black pyramid. What's kind of strange is that for some reason, growing up, I was always attracted to the Luxor Hotel more than any hotel in Vegas. When I was just a kid, that shit fascinated me more than any other hotel... I'm not sure why, I even ended up buying an Ankh back then... I couldn't be more than ten years old at the time but it's also the Hotel that Pac was staying at during that tragic night in Vegas.
Yeah we actually were reading into the duality that is in Hip Hop in the article Followers of Black Jesus. It's almost everywhere in life... and in Buddhism especially where they talk about yin and yang. That's another reason why it's crazy to consider that this book is the White book, while Jayz' biography was going to be entitled the Black Book...

I always look for signs and omens... And a few months ago, while I was in the Philippines protesting against the evil government over there, that's when the people around me told me the "truth." What's strange is that is the same time I was contacted by Asher and he advised me to checkout That's when I realized that we've all been lied to since birth... My mind was just like blown away. That's why I was so compelled to join MOM to be honest.

I know this is off topic but while I marched against the government over there, I' marched for 52 days straight ( 5 + 2 = 7). And each day, the people I was marching with would light up incense to 'curse' the government. I know this might sound crazy but they really were deep into this Pagan stuff. And each day we would march, they would always count the days, and the number of incense sticks they use. This sort of off topic from the White Book... But I thought I shared what I learned.... Each number does have a meaning to them... All of these things are just hard to discuss with, unless you have an open mind... The problem is that if your mind isn't open and we start talking about these things and that we're all stuck in "the matrix," I'll start sounding like a paranoid hippie. But I guess that's what "they" want others to believe.

Ya'll are dropping knowledge that I think people really have to consider... These are all point of views that I'm still trying to figure out... But like you said, when it comes down to it, the truth has to really come from within. I've actually read that before in some books and have also been told that by others searching for this thing called "enlightenment."
That picture on the cover of the prince is not Machiavelli it is the prince himself in training. It represent what he is learning from Machiavelli who is giving him advice as a war teacher or advisor. On some cover's of The Prince you will see mac on the cover as an older figure. That's where pac got the sign! But going deeper! Who is pac training? "Machiavelli was my tutor Donald Goines, my father figure" a book he studied just like he gave us a blueprint on 7day in order to achieve ground in the game or what ever.You see we are "the prince" we are his seeds and in the book the prince the message is to take power through principalities. In the beginning of the book he talks about two ways to power " hereditary" which is passed on from families and "Principalities" which is on our own.
damn. this shit's pretty deep. Shawn and Asher, ya'll are brilliant... Ya'll making me see things that I haven't even realized. I read the book the Alchemist and I'm a firm believer that there are signs everywhere. Shit's getting wild... keep it goin' yall.

1978: The Crucibles

"Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman played on the television but Fatima wasn't watching. The better part of her day was spent cleaning the apartment. She was tired now and lay in bed reading Roots. Kunta Kinte had just lost his foot when there was a knock on her bedroom door." (deep)

(80) "Fatima awoke early the next morning with shopping to do for Sirius' special homecoming dinner. Everyone including Bill piled into the Nova to pick up the brown sugar and turnips for the family recipe of chicken tchoupitoulas and greens that Leila had taught her."

(82) "He wore a striped shirt and held a thousand yard stare. The camera's flash had penetrated his head and exposed the thoughts of a smile-less child in a New York State of mind. And at last something other than wine had stimulated Benny's brain." New York State of Mind

(83) "Upstairs Sirius explained why he was late; leaving out the part about the stewardesses. The family gathered around the table and listened to his stories from the trip. Later, Q and Leila dropped in for dinner with Monique, one of her girlfriends from the shop. When Fatima found out she was Muslim, it put her worries to rest."


"Weeks later in the Neece household Gaietta was doing housework. Giving birth had changed her figure so drastically that the modeling career she'd longed for was now just a memory. As that dream faded so did her desire to put in long hours sewing in the garment district because suddenly the beautiful people didn't look so good anymore. When her body changed, so did their attitudes. Now she wanted to do something more substantial with her life, something that would help people."

Gaia Hypothesis

(84) "She believed his memory and cantabile was Jah's gift."

(86) "Most of the kids laughed for the sake of laughing, but one stood out. Aint 'chu in my class? "yea", Wsup, I"m Othello,"

(91) "Benjamin Freidman"

"Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland"

"In his 1979 autobiography "With No Apologies," former Senator Barry Goldwater had this to say about the goals of one of their brightest members." (See Excerpt 14)

(92) "The Order of Strict Observance"

"Belfour Declaration"

see "Tzipi"

Everyone knows "W" is George Bush right ?

(95) "The Zion Protocols"

The Human Genome Project

Anima Mundi


"If all goes as well, after my fathers run (George Bush Sr.), it's my turn. 1996. W. baby; and that stands for war. By the time I get outta office Americans will have inherited a debt from which they will never recover." (interesting so the "W" stands for War? hehe "Bomb First")

New York City: The Bronx

The Old Man, who is the Old Man ?

"Every organization, from every hood, in every city had been invited. Black Spades, Southern Immortals, the Furries, the Rogues, Dead Rabbits, the Shower Posse, Black P-Stone Rangers, Gangster Disciples, Almighty Latin Kings, MS-13, MS-18, the Mexican Mafia, Vice Lords, El Rukuns, B's and C's, even the Orphans (the Havenotz)? . "Tonight all beefs are squashed"

The Meaning of "THUG"

"Those were the orders of The Old Man. Imprisoned since forever because the government did not care fo his political views; he's been silent for the last ten, years. Legend was that through his proxies he ran the largest organization in the city, the Thuggee, from high atop his prison perch."

"They call him the one and only. No one but Surya has ever seen his face, not even when he was free. But his voice is unmistakable, it flows first through Surya and then through you...."


...The Old Man in all matters stepped into the immaculate garden of the hotel atrium austere; dressed in fatigues and a hoodie, black jeans and boots, when he looked toward the heavens all he could see was troops.....

"Twenty-one gun zalute, dressed in fatigues, black jeans and boots,
disappeared in the crowd, all you seen was troops..."

...Stoically he raised a red knotted bandanna known as a rumal, and brought them to attention.



"Close your eyes, suckers. Now open them. What do you see? The Old Man sees the best of times and the worst of times ahead. Now open your minds and tell me what you see. The Old Man sees what you all are lacking, and that is vision..... But worry not suckers, because he has enough of that shit to go around, and he has seen in a dream a future we will work to make real."

(98) "Harmonious Influences Provided to Help Our People,' but you brothers may know it simply as Hip-Hop"

...the origins of Rap.....

.. a brand new lifestyle, a brand new economy, and a brand new way of thinking based around the art form...


"Its the sweat from our brows that fuel this corporation, the beat from our hearts that call its cadence, our spirit that gives it life. And from this day forth, through this blessing called Hip-Hop, it will be our culture, our ideals, and our voices that call for the people of the world, white and black, tan and yellow, red and brown to come together and blend the families, because the color of Hip-Hop is one shade, its ogal, one love and one nation amalgamated under one God, and that is what those devils fear."

(Note Makaveli in Rob Marriot Vibe Interview: "We got to kill this niggeritis. Niggas hate me just cause of what you doin, niggas plotting on you cause of women, and niggas hatin to see you shine. We got to kill that. Before we can kill it in our black nation, we got to kill it in the Hip Hop Nation, and that's what I'm doin. Its the only reason I'm back: to bring the heat. And I feel like God is tellin me to do it. I feel like Black Jesus is controlling me. He's our saint that we pray to; that we look up to...."

"It was the way the Thuggee showed love."

"Because although we would welcome peace, the truth is, there can never be peace until we get a piece."

Pages 100-141 coming sooooooon !
Oh and answer me this, what sign is Prince Ital and Tupac putting up? then the one you have of Jayz and then of Tupac all creating triangles/pyramids... and pac and jay showing just one all seeing eye? lol This may not seem like it's about the White Book anymore BUT it all relates because this is stuff that the book actually brings up and is also being brought up elsewhere on the internet...
I was just thinking... with all the "coincidences" we're talking about... from pac man, to the simpsons... I've even seen some stuff talked about from Nirvana, to Jimi Hendrix.... Bruce Lee... and all of these other artists... There's a lot of "coincidences" we're noticing... And I was wondering if it's either all planned out or all "coincidence."

However, when we bring in this idea of clairvoyance... Perhaps, it's not necessarily coincidence but our inner selves communicating with the world around us. It's like our psychic abilities, subconscious, or whatever one wants to label it, communicating through symbols, signs, etc.... What does it all mean? I've no idea! BUT I think the more we talk and discuss it, then the more we can understand the universe we're in... either we understand it or we're just plain "CRAZY" to the norm. hahaha yeah, that's it... we are crazy but you know what, I dont give a f***! ;)~
I'm still waiting for my copy to come in the mail, but after reading through this entire thread, I've got to say, I'm pretty eager to get started. Growing up, I was only a fan of Tupac for his hits that made it to mainstream radio. I was only introduced to his true talent and genius when I met Ajax. He exposed me to dozens of Pac's songs I had never heard, his poetry, his influence on pop culture, on hip hop and on society as we know it. I had no idea that he and his mind were so complex; that he had such a large role in trying to expose the lies we are fed every day about every aspect of our lives.

By just reading through this discussion, it seems as though Pac's every move had been painstakingly planned for and watched from the very beginning. I'm intrigued by all the numerology, symbology, and historical figures and events that are intertwined in the book, and I can't wait for my mind to be blown. All things Masonic, Illuminati-related, esoteric, and metaphysical fascinate me, and I can't believe all the connections there are to someone who I once thought was just another entertainer. I can't wait to get started so that I could contribute! For all the present contributors to this post - shawn sparxx, young cush, and ajax, y'all are geniuses and inspirations! Keep spreading the knowledge. You know it's what Pac wants.
Welcome to the discussion and to the TAT family, glad to have you here! and thank you for the feedback. Buckle your seatbelts because I think this discussion is just getting started, seems like we are just starting to vibe and feed off eachother...I'm feelin' it





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