Hip hop manager suspected of hiring robber to shoot Tupac outside studio in 1994 is sentenced to life in prison for drug dealing

Hip hop manager suspected of hiring robber to shoot Tupac outside studio in 1994 is sentenced to life in prison for drug dealing

Hip hop manager James Rosemond, who was suspected of hiring a robber to shoot rapper Tupac outside a New York recording studio in 1994, was jailed for life on Friday on drug dealing charges.
Rosemond, known also as Jimmy the Henchman, was found guilty of using his record label as a front for an $11 million a year cocaine trafficking ring in the U.S.

The 48-year-old, who has worked with stars including Jay-Z and Sean Combs, will now face charges in a separate trial that alleges he ordered a murder as payback for an assault on his son.

Rosemond was found guilty by a Brooklyn court last year of using his record label as a front for the coastal cocaine ring, the New York Post reported.
'This was astonishing in its breadth and duration and intensity. You chose that life and this is the punishment you get,' Judge John Gleeson said.
The prosecution also condemned Rosemond, who owns Czar Entertainment, for funding his lavish lifestyle by supplying drugs to his community in Queens and Brooklyn.

The record label manager, who managed some of the biggest names in rap, trafficked millions of dollars worth of cocaine, hidden in music equipment, from California to New York.
His music business and drug dealing paid for a luxury lifestyle, with penthouses in Brooklyn and Los Angeles that he had to forfeit after his arrest.

Attorney Loretta Lynch called him a 'thug in a suit,' according to the New York Daily News, telling the court: 'Today's life sentence is a fitting end to the "Henchman's two-faced machinations".'
Despite his celebrity links, only a few people wrote letters of support for Rosemond before his sentencing. None of them were his former rap star friends.

As well as the drug-running sentence, Rosemond must also stand trial over 'murder-for-hire charges that allege he ordered a 'kill' on an associate of 50 Cent who was said to have slapped the record label manager's son.
Rosemond had also long been a suspect in the 1994 shooting of Tupac, who was robbed and shot five times outside a Manhattan recording studio.

The attack sparked a feud between rival gangs that resulted in the 1996 murder of Tupac in Las Vegas and 1997 killing of Notorious B.I.G in Los Angeles in 1997.

Convicted killer Dexter Isaac later alleged that Rosemond had paid him $2,500 in cash and jewellery to rob Tupac outside the Quad Studio.
Rosemond has denied any involvement in the attack, which his lawyer described as a 'flat out lie' to the Daily News.

No one will stand trial over the 1994 robbery because its New York's statute of limitations has expired.



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I wonder when this guy was planning on making his move out from the drug world and into the music world....He already had Game as an artist for a long time.  I guess he didn't know when to stop.   I don't know how it all works with ties to drug world.....but I would imagine at some point you make a choice of whether or not you want to pursue one or the other.   The only reason I'm even giving this guy any consideration for this matter is because he had some legitimate ties to the lawful world and may have been able to avoid this by making his money from drugs and then transitioning into the music world.   It's probably that he didn't get caught that gave him the courage and stupidity to keep doing it.....

Those pigz wanted that statute of limitations 2 expire. I don't feel Jimmy Henchman acted alone, puffy, suge, nypd, was in. A lot of them knew he was going 2 be set up. They hated Tupac because he threatened their success.

Im willing to consider Puffy and Nypd being involved given that puffy was upstairs when the incident happened and nypd wouldn't be a total shock given that officers can be paid off.....but suge knight being involved???   The only reason that is even being mentioned is because this was the incident that forced tupac to join death row....but why endanger the life of someone you plan on making money from???   that wouldn't make sense....

Yeah, I bet there were more involved there usually is when a high suspect does not get catch and then finally does. If not those people, then somebody.





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