Notice the Versace ring is on his right hand, index finger while the rest of the photos has the Versace ring on the middle finger. Pac never wore it on his index, at least from what I've seen with that particular ring. Obviously there's the possibility that he happened to change the finger but that adds the question of where are other photos of him wearing that ring on his index finger? Anyone got any more photos of Pac wearing this ring on his index?

Plus, this guy looks like he's built slightly smaller than Tupac. Notice how the shirt is drapping him a bit more.

No doubt, his face is close enough that at second glance, you're absolutely certain it's him(eyes,eyebrows, head, ears, etc.) but Mr. Clark's doppleganger likeliness of Pac is what is indicated in the "No Grapes Theory".Who is it? Could it be the theoretical AIDS patient, Devan Clark?

What I'm getting at is that some have suggested that for whatever purpose, Pac used a body double or multiple doubles that night and in this instance at the MGM just before or after the Orlando incident. Now, I'm not saying it's definite either way, because I have yet to figure out the purpose of using a body double, but it would appear that is exactly what happened that night Sept 7, 1996.

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