Tha 6 day prophecy 2014

Christ Ilive

This introduction blog/journal is based on factual events in my life as "Christ Ilive"
[This is My 6 Day Prophecy] to coin its authenticity of [anointed and alignment] with tha Stars and Heavens = My Prophecy
(This Equation)=( infinity)But Now n physical form to speak it and prove it's facts implements tha [matter] and secrets of prophecy (above as below) understanding it's mystery,
This 2/14/2014 (actually is 3 14s in it) the last equation to complete this Anointed alignment ''stopped time''at 2:14pm afternoon. from there it was done (Einstein) spoke of (manipulating time zones to jump in different times from speed basically) Einstein writes:
Since there exists in this four dimensional structure [space-time] no longer any sections which represent "now" objectively, the concepts of happening and becoming are indeed not completely suspended, but yet complicated. It appears therefore more natural to think of physical reality as a four dimensional existence,? he talks and sees tha things i see and know. All fact I made my exit which was a (Friday) as Jesus Christ made his exit?( Friday) 13th Or faked his death? Dated A.D. 33 around 3pm( symbolic for many reasons even masonic) but all fact Well Barnabas wrote. Just another individual that personally knew Christ.
~~~~Now my exit =2014/ YEAR =7 my date of birth 2/14/?= 7. Thats two 7s =14 then with the time Anointed alignment at 2:14pm =7pm (age) is 33 symbolic for tha last time = to remember = is to refreash~~~~ in this anointed prophecy to killuminate myself and 2 exit and in a second (re-enter) bac~~~~. Who cares really? its just facts that happened in my own life, and time zones all at once like AMEN -RA- PH,T same concepts with mind, body , and soul. Alignments with tha planets and 3 realitiez!!!! its more to that,,, but with Jesus exit its said

He went to tha abyss fought tha devil satan lucifer and won as KING. Got THA key to THA (Abyss) and Freed souls went bac to Tha Kingdom to clame his throne and came bac n 3 days. (Hum MaKaveli 3 day theory changed to 7 day theory for mysterious reasons that proves MaKaveli = Am alive ? Wild n e way) Christ comes bac n 3 days to prove tha WORD is (alive) tha prophecy from tha old testament 2 tha new testament (I am- I am) now n fleash to show he is our new savior to get 2 Tha Kingdom from (Earth) because he has tha keys. Through him he can let us all n to Tha Kingdom.( Why) we all should know! Tho there are more documents callin Christ tha first Machiavellian only cause Machiavelli name identifies faking ones own death cause Niccolo wrote about it. (and did it some claim!) it is a dabated. Another individual too who exit Pac 2 ( MaKaveli )7 day theory! Y'all think I'm not talking with him lol n e way it is Barnabas who said Christ faked his death in his document.He was there N E Way... then tha Da Vinci Codes... leeding bac 2 catholic secrects. its complicated but this prophecy is my personal coin for me, not in a bad way ..... to become tha tru Machiavellian is to first know its meaning which no dictionary will never show but only a (man of bad faith etc!!) read catholic documents about Niccolo to find its simple meaning. (as like a parable hidden inside words) Makaveli it has its coin who can touch it~~?? am alive and it stands 4 ever!!! now relation with tha common goal of Immortality J. Christ never died? Makaveli never died? due to tha both individuals being in physical form to speak it and prove it's facts implements tha [matter] (above as below) meaning as it is above it is below (A) 8 (V) that breaks our perception of really to remind us all of 1 truth. i wont say. Although my Association is this I AM MAKAVELI SECRETLY THROUGH MY NAME CHRIST WHICH RESPELLS OUT MAKAVELI!! to (LIVE IS 2 B ALIVE) 1 OF THA SAME IS 1 OF 1 . JUST 1 OF THA 6 DAY THEORIES. THIS IS A PERSONAL NOTE TO [REMEMBER] I SAID THAT SOME ONE WOULD CLAIM TO B ME Y ? 07 IT WAS SENT TO THA WASHINGTON D.C. COPYRIGHT OFFICE UNDER THA VISUAL ARTS FORM! to coin its authenticity of [anointed and alignment] with tha Stars and Heavens = My Prophecy as ~Christ Ilive~

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