Friday the 13th of October, 1307

“Then came that dreadful day, Friday the 13th of October 1307, when King Phillip in France arrested and detained, and ordered their assets seized. In 1312 Pope Clement V issued the decree “Vox Clamantis”, thereby dissolving the order. Alas, on March 13th, 1314 after years of torture, Templar Grand Master Jaques de Molay was buried alive in the square of Notre Dame.
But as destiny would have it, a large number of our brothers escaped France the hold of their ships filled with what has been the treasure of all treasures.”
Some of those brothers built a home here, inside these very walls where they were twice born and in the year 1717 the Mother Grand Lodge of England was formed and the Templars were renamed, the fraternal Order of Free & Accepted Masons.”

p. 63

“Friday,October 13, 1307 is the most well known Friday the 13th in history. On this date hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of Knights Templar, an order of warrior monks, were rounded up on the selfish and politically motivated orders of King Philip IV of France and subsequently tortured into admitting heresies including spitting on the cross, idolatry, "unnatural vices", and devil worship.”

Jacques de Molay, the last known Grand Master of the Knights Templar was burned to death on a slow fire outside Notre Dame on Friday, March 13, 1314. As he slowly burned he cursed King Philip IV of France, Pope Clemence V, and Prime Minister Guillaume de Nogaret to death within a year and 13 generations of their families to misery. The subsequent deaths of King Philip, Pope Clemence V, and Prime Minister Guillaume within a year and the populace's belief that de Molay's curse also applied to them led many to fear the number 13 and Friday the 13th in particular.

"On March 22, 1312, Clement V dissolved the Knights Templar with his decree Vox clamantis. But the dissolution proved a mere formality to further appease Philip (the Fair). More importantly, it permitted the Templars, in other manifestations to continue enriching the papacy... A subtle provision in Vox clamantis transferred most Templar estates to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. In Germany and Austria, the Templars became "Rosicrucians" and "Teutonic Knights." Six centuries later, as the "Teutonic Order," the Knights would provide the nucleus of Adolph Hitler's political support in Munich and Vienna."

October 13, 1307, all Templars in France were taken in to custody and their goods confiscated. Having some prior knowledge of what was to come, the Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, had ordered that the books and records be burned and the funds be transferred out of France. All were instructed not to surrender any information about the Templar's holdings, rites or rituals.

Many of the ships carrying the Templar's funds were never found. While many escaped France, those who were captured went so without resistance. By March 22, 1312 a Papal decree dissolved the Order. Within the year Jacques de Molay and fellow Preceptor Geoffri de Charnay were put to
death by Philippe's order.

It is thought that these ships carried the vast wealth of the Templars, but in truth, they could carry but a fraction of their treasure if the tales about their wealth are reasonably accurate. The ultimate destination is unknown and it is unknown if these ships even made it to their destination. However, it would be a reasonable assumption that these ships made landfall in England.

After the creation of the Grand Lodge of England, in 1717, Freemasons unified and regulated themselves. The Grand Lodge of England, known as the Mother Lodge of the World, is the Masonic body that, therefore, “recognizes” other national Masonic Grand Lodges. The English Masonic Constitution of 1723 declared that Freemasons should not prevent others from joining the fraternity based upon the perspective member's nationality, race, or religion.

A member of the Free and Accepted Masons or Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, an international secular fraternal order. Freemasons are organized into lodges. Groups of lodges belong to a Grand Lodge or Grand Orient, but there is no single governing body that directs all the lodges.

The origin of the Freemasons is disputed, but the first organized lodges date from 1717 in England. Members consider others in their lodge as "brothers" or "brethren," but consider members of other lodges as brothers only if their Grand Lodges officially recognize each other. Freemasons are sometimes accused of being secretive societies because they have "signs of recognition such as handshakes, passwords, and references that only initiated members would understand."*

Freemasonry is not a secret society, cult, religion or anti-Christian sect, nor is it behind the Illuminati, although it is often accused of being such. Grand Orient lodges do not require belief in a supreme being. They advocate separation of church/religion and state/government, and promote to idea of "liberty, equality, fraternity."* Some Grand Lodges have a Masonic Bible, usually the King James version of the same book accepted by those Christians who accuse the Masons of being anti-Christian.



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Comment by don benito on April 13, 2012 at 5:31pm

Really good post.  I myself am still in the midst of completely and thoroughly educating myself about the occult and esoteric teachings of all ages.  It is much needed and long overdue.

As for the quote from the White Book, I vividly recall the name De Molay as I was reading that passage.  The reason being that I viewed a lecture a while back, delivered by William Cooper, the author of a book I have not read yet, Behold a Pale Horse.  Cooper mentioned that he had been a part of the De Molay as a young kid while he was living in Japan.  He believed that a lot of the secret and confidential information that he had been exposed to while serving as a Naval Officer within Naval Intelligence may have been due to his involvement with the De Molay International youth group he was a part of.  What is interesting is that Cooper says he never was a part of any other fraternal group other than the De Molay, and yet it was enough for him, as he believed, to be entrusted with confidential documentation. 

I also know that Bill Clinton was a member of the De Molay international youth group.

I think, based on my own feeling, and while I do not have all of the facts or a complete knowledge of the fraternal orders and their histories, that there's something to be said about the network of Freemasonry to reserve and give the title of one their pioneers and highly esteemed members to a "Youth" group.   Perhaps it holds enormous significance.  Perhaps it means to include, seek out or find members while they are Young?


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