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Comment by Don H on February 5, 2011 at 9:28pm

About the Kadafi mystery....I really dont know what to say.....Since Kadafi was not as much of a celebrity as 2pac, less information is available and as a result its difficult to know what could have happened....BUT therein could also be the answer...the simple fact that Kadafi was NOT as big of a celebrity/target...he would have less ppl watching him and as a result, it would be easier to stage a death or escape....it wouldn't be as high profile as tupacs....So it could easily go both ways.....

Comment by SPARXX on February 6, 2011 at 10:07am

see, there are some slight innaccuracies with this video where the dude that made it seems to have heard the general story yet mixed up the details.


he lists "3 stories" that he heard, and all have both some truth and misinormation in each.


story #1-  kadafi was smoking weed with the outlawz. they get high and start playing with a gun and he gets shot by mistake.


story #2- yak was killed while he was at his girlfriend's house.


story #3- yak was killed by his cousin.


so here's the official story as i know it...


yak was at his girlfriend's house so to speak, hanging out in the hallway inside the building of a girl he was seeing, but not necessarily in the actual apartment. he wasnt with "the outlawz" and he wasnt killed by "his cousin", but rather he was hanging out with the cousin of mutah beale (napoleon outlaw) who goes by the name of "roddy". it is said that they were fucking around with a pistol, that roddy was sticking it in his face playing around, and when yak when to slap it away the gun went off. most describe it as a pure accident and having nothing to do with pac's death at all, although some still speculate whether roddy shot him accidentally or intentionally. me? i wasnt there so i will never know for sure, i can only offer the "official story" as i heard it. it is also said that napoleon then convinced his cousin to turn himself into the authorities, and if i am not mistaken roddy sits in jail to this day over kadafi's death.


not sure if you guys have had the chance to watch our exclusive here on TAT with hussein fatal, but in that discussion i specifically raise the issue of kadafi and question what happened...and fatal essentially confirms the story.


in addition, in his song "letter to pac", fatal has a line where he says "roddy shot yak, mu took his shahada"...roddy being the cousin of napoleon as i described, "mu" being short for mutah (who had recently converted to islam).



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