Who Killed Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls? Interview with Detective Greg Kading

Table of Contents: 00:01:00 : Why should Greg Kading be considered credible, can his theories be substantiated, and exactly how close was he in on the Tupac ...

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Comment by TruthAboutTupac Movement on January 27, 2012 at 7:25pm

This was sent via anonymous source, thought maybe somebody could reply and/or maybe you sir would like to directly. I think you have touched on several of these questions but for those who haven't made the 'connections' yet here ya go:

watched a film a few nights ago, Biggie and Tupac (old news by Nick Broomfield, referenced in this interview), in which the filmmaker talked to a lot of people in a pushy and uninvited way, but basically said the murders are unsolved because of the role of the lapd in the murders. not knowing the film-maker, those he interviewed seemed more credible than him. the filmmaker claimed they wouldn't solve the murders due to that fact and what it would reveal about the department itself at that time. included in the interviews was a guy who had been an 18 yr veteran of the department, a detective before kading (?) who during his investigation said he believed they needed to interview some of these officers, and he was at that point asked to resign from the department. the interview posted here seems to let it rest with suge knight and... puffy? but, kading describes the same techniques of the lapd that suppresses information--for whatever reason--and takes investigators off the cases when they seem near breaking points. it's hard to trust informants when they have such motivations to lie. informants aren't necessarily impartial witnesses who care about telling the truth; really, are they ever? they wouldn't be informants if they didn't have a reason to lie. kading says that people pointing to lapd officers in these murders have been discredited and are not credible. i don't know if that is true or not, but who is not as credible as an informant? to me, informants are the least credible. from all this, i don't think that nobody knows, i think that somebody's not telling. there's probably nothing anybody can do about it either. suge knight already said even if he knew he ain't telling, and he's one that we should really want to talk. but, knight already told us--he ain't talking. nobody can make him talk, and it's everybody else that's talking and changing stories on us. the filmmaker Broomfield interviewed some people associated with death row and cast a dark light on suge knight, who was employing off-duty lapd officers as security forces. the murder of tupac, the interviewees said, was basically orchestrated by knight who wanted to prevent tupac's leaving death row along with millions in royalties he was due, which could be a motive (don't you need one of those for a murder charge?). knight claimed to have a bullet in his head although he was just grazed by a bullet, etc. also, they said knight told a security guy to tell tupac orlando anderson had stolen a medallion from him the night before, which wasn't true, so that tupac would confront him about it; this would manufacture a motive for anderson's later, purported shooting of tupac. the supressed involvement of the lapd is the main point of the filmmaker--the involvement of the lapd is linked to suge knight who may have had a motive to kill tupac ($) because he was employing some of those officers as security. where were they as a car pulled up and shot shakur? the murder of biggie happened in... los angeles, and people said it was so organized people would have had to have walkie-talkies, etc. the fbi was on biggie at the time, and there were pictures of them at the event before he was shot, but, upon the attack, the fbi were nowhere to be found. biggie's mother basically asked, 'they were observing my son, so why were they called off?'. a side-note was that if biggie could be murdered in la, it would increase the chance that people would dismiss the murders as retaliatory gang hits or east-west propaganda instead of anything related to lapd off-duty officers. the major argument of the film is that there were a half-dozen off-duty la cops who were involved with death row, some of whom were never interviewed, others of whom were

Comment by anthony donald on January 28, 2012 at 7:30am

I don't know what happen, but  I loved them brothers, as my family and miss them dearly. They was making a good change in the hood, and in black families. They was the good to some and bad to the cowards who don't wanna come forward and say; I was wrong for taking out two brothers who only wanted to show the hood, the love for the have knots. One day I pray that we black people will stop killing each other over the rag to riches life and become more unitied for real change to take place for better living and equal love to all race. Much love to their Mothers and family and friends. Also the mission God allow them to do while they was here. It hard to see hero die, but the seed must be bury for the rest of our seeds to grow and  make this change. Love and Peace to my brothers.

Comment by Greg Kading on January 28, 2012 at 9:59am

Dear Anonymous. Thanks for your questions. I will be happy to clear them up. With all respect, several of your "facts" are inaccurate. I will address them one at a time.

First you mention the 18 year veteran police detective who worked on the case before me. His name is Russell Poole. You correctly state that he wanted certain police officers interviewed regarding possible involvement in the murders. That happened! David Mack, Rafael Perez, etc, were all interviewed extensively, given lie detector tests, and even depositioned in the civil lawsuit against LAPD. You then state that Detective Poole was asked to resign. That is false. Poole left on his own initiative. He simply quit on his own accord.

You next bring up the issues of informants and state informants are not credible. This is not an accurate general statement. While its true that some informants are unreliable, it is not true that all informants are unreliable. Hundreds of informants are testifying in courtrooms across the country everyday and are found to be credible by judges and juries. In short, every informant has to be evaluated on an individual basis. In regard to this case, the informants and witnesses that I point out as being discredited, is because they themselves admitted to lying about everything they had previously told investigators. Michael Robinson, Waymond Anderson, Kevin Hackie, Kenneth Boagni, etc., have all either recanted, admitted to lying, or changed their story multiple times. These all the primary witnesses in Poole's theory about cops being involved in the murders.

Your next assertion is that off-duty LAPD officers were working security for Death Row. This is also inaccurate. This assumption is the cause for half the problems in the case. The off-duty officers working for Death Row were NOT LAPD officers, they were Compton PD and Inglewood PD officers. The assumption that LAPD officers were working for Death Row is one of Detective Poole's main mistakes. In fact, the two officers that Poole thought were working for Suge (Rafael Perez and David Mack) were dropped from the civil lawsuit in 2005 because no evidence could be produced connecting them with Death Row.

As far as Suge orchestrating Tupac's murder, this is absurd. If the motive was to kill Tupac and get the royalties to his music, it certainly didn't work. Tupac's posthumous music has made tens of millions of dollars and Suge is broke. Suge doesnt have the music rights. This is just one of the many problems related to the false theory of Suge killing Tupac. If Suge had killed Tupac, what possible motive would Suge have had to kill Biggie? As far as Suge's security guy (Frank Alexander) lying about Orlando Anderson snatching Tupac's medallion as part of a conspiracy, this is also wrong. Frank lied because he was instructed to. The reason was because after Tupac assaulted Orlando Anderson, it was possible Tupac was gonna get arrested and Suge wanted Tupac to have a defense..."I hit that guy because he stole my chain". Frank Alexander admitted all of this to Las Vegas investigators.

Regarding Biggie's murder being an organized hit, that is also incorrect. It was no more sophisticated than Tupac's murder. Some gangsters went to a place they expected to find their enemies,. They waited for the opportunity to get close to them and they shot them. Period! No snipers, no diversion tactics, no nothing. It was just gangster shit. Nothing more. 

It is time to deal with "facts" in these cases. Not rumor, speculation, and hearsay. We do the victims no justice by continuing to perpetrate falsehoods. While it is true the LAPD failed in their handling of this case, there is absolutely no evidence, nor reason to believe, they bear any responsibility in the cause of these cases. However, they bear tremendous responsibility in their failure to solve them.

Comment by andria bell on January 28, 2012 at 11:43pm

hey greg...ahem...(clears my throat) i beg to deffe, first lets get to one thing that you said...that 2pac's was random...now i dont know all the facts surrounding biggie's murder cause frankly i really wasnt a fan of his, but lets get to tupac. i have a few points that i just find a little hard to believe was either coincidences all stacked up in a perfect tiny little bow..u might can yeah get away with somethings being a coincidence, but no way will u have all these things go wrong unless it was in fact (put together and orcherestrated) 1. that night, out of all the nights in the world, this peticular night(same night pac so happend to get shot) you got trained bodyguards who suppose to be able to legally carry a weapon for the reason to 'protect' someone...was told this night they could not carry weapons!!!(hmmm, sound a little fishy to me,but it gets better) next a rival gang member orlando anderson(who just so happen to be standing around out of thousands n thousands of ppl at the fight that night, he just standing around by himself waiting for something or somebody(and we later know who that somebody was dont we?) now, according to kathy scott interview(ressurection movie) mr anderson neither went to the fight, nor even had a ticket!!!(what????) let me repeat for you so you get it good...i said orlando anderson, who's from compton california i believe, is in vegas on the same night as tupac, and is there for what reason if not to see the tyson fight??? oh, i know, he drove way there to play the casino's right? ahuh..just call me stupid too while you at it...lol...but now the coincidences just get more stranger and stranger by the minute if you realize that in august, just a month before that tupac had his assistant yassemin i believe sent a letter to deathrow that he would in fact being leaving, that makaveli was his last album an he was about to have they ass audit...(fact confirmed by his aunt glo...yassmin...frank alexander...now after the ass whopping orlando takes, he goes back supposedly to his hotel, gets a gun an a few goons(where his friends were at when he was getting his head stomped in by suge em is beyond me) but now he pops up with about 3 or 4 guys out of thin air, he rolls down the same street as suge n entourage, comes up on the perfect side of the car(which we know so happen to be pac's side) again convently for suge..sprays the car from just a little behind from supposedly a back door..(now at night there is about what 5 or 6 cars following suge in front and back right(maybe less) but its night and these shooters somehow know suge's car from about 4 other dark colored cars..? i also notice that if you get just behind a target of two...you can aim more directly at the intended target...those bullets were meant for tupac and tupac alone..if you look at the side of that door, all the bullets were low enough and from the side that clearly can show any fool that it was not randomly shooting into the car...an with a vest on (suge has on a hot sweater in las vegas hottest months) hmmmm....and pac had none(kideda jones was said to have heard suge tell pac to not wear his) that it was too hot outside, but he wears a sweater??? add that up with the fact that reggie wright(wrightway security)was given a promotion after clearly be negliegent at the least of protecting suge knight(he calls little brother) tupac??? what i have a hard hard time understanding is, why do one of suge's guys whisper in pac's ear and point the guy out to tupac? whats the reason...you got about tupac who is about what 180lbs, a rapper unarmed...then u got all these gangbangers and suge knight,plus bodyguards at this fight and who do this guy whisper to about a known gangbanger?? yelp..tupac...thats the oldest line in the book and even pac himself in his movie "gang related" seem to point out that police always use that term when they trying to cover some stuff...its always gang related, yea right...orlando anderson definatly was involve

Comment by andria bell on January 29, 2012 at 12:02am

but orlando anderson was a true patsy...paid to help with the set up...an now he dead too...oh another coincidence....but this is the main point of my story...why if orlando anderson was the shooter, was it so hard for the vegas police to do there job and arrest him then? this little gang banger managed to do what seem like the impossible...so happen to come up on suge n pac randomly out of 4 or 5 cars that resembled each other, managed to pick out suges car accurately without arrousing suspicion from nobody in suges entourage of cars that night...now i know something about the hood if nothing else..first maybe the bodyguards would have left there guns...but no gangbangers was gone be leaving they pistols at no hotel just after a fight...next, ant no car gone creep up on you either....thirdly i find it hard to belive that suge knight had managed to live that long with all his enimies way before pac came along, by slipping that easy...no way...then u now have orlando anderson able to get luck(we will call it for arguement sake) able to get lucky enough to just so happened upon suge n pac, pick out the right car, have to know that noone would be carrying weapons, and then was able to just slip out of vegas unseen or heard from(when suge was pulled over at gun point by vegas police) but again lets just say that mr anderson was extremly lucky, then he not only makes it back to compton, but comes to court and lies for mr knight(who kicked him on the video) now telling the judge that suge was the 'only' person that was trying to keep everyone off of him....(yea by kickin him in the head) lol...then hes next able to leave no evidence to get convicted...pretty dam smart for an 20 year old compton gang banger huh? i would say....then  a few years later was killed supposedly by his own gang member about some money? ahuh....look its been 16 years its time to lay this at the door it belong to....we do this for pac..r.i.p where ever u are, keep thugging in peace...no justice, but in the end there was...death row went down the drain, right along with this crap we now call rap....they both died with pac....he said he would take them out the game...and he did...


Comment by Greg Kading on January 29, 2012 at 1:00am

Dear Andria, I will resist your invitation to call you stupid, but will certainly call you naive. If you take the time to read your own statements you will see that you actually argue against yourself. Instead of pointing out all the logical inconsistencies in your argument, I will simply say, "believe whatever you like". That is your prerogative. I wrote the book and conduct interviews to inform the public of the "facts" of the case, not to propagate the tired and disproven theories. Suge Knight and Puffy Combs know the story I have told is true. More importantly, Voletta Wallace and Afeni Shakur know the story I have told is true. Enough said.

Comment by Hey Garabito on January 29, 2012 at 10:53am

Dear Greg, it's hard to listen for 2 hrs, so I read the comments, and from the comments, I can't tell what you're saying.  Do you think Suge organized anything?  What?  Do you think Combs organized anything?  What?  Do you think either one of these guys hired people to kill either 2pac or Biggie?  I get a bit where I can't see the forest for the trees.  Thanks.

Comment by andria bell on January 29, 2012 at 11:33pm

dear greg...if the word stupid and naive is the only words you can come up with (as you call it) to try and prove my inconsistencies than your the one who really is one of those words and not me. if you did read my statment(and i really dont think you took the time since you already believe your right) but if you took the time, you will find that i actually back all my words up with other people's words that actually knew tupac...(please if you can disagree that i did not do that) i didnt just pull this stuff out of thin air, or my own mind...this came from statements suprised from his bodyguard(s) his family...and his girlfriend....another good source is for you to read kathy's scott book, which will further my observations to be true!!! how does anything i say, argues against itself, it cant, cause you cant dispute the truth, and thats why you have decided to use the word stupid, instead of actually disproving anything i say. i dont know what mrs wallace believe, but i never once heard her say she thought orlando anderson was the only one involved...if you read what i said, i said i do think he played a part(but its clear he wasnt the only one) and to be clear your not the only one coming out 'supposedly' with the truth...remember detective poole who said now puffy hired the hit? yes...you and many people got alot of stories and speculation, but can you really prove orlando anderson did it? just like we cant prove suge did....its no wonder that this will never be solved due to the fact that you got everyone coming from every direction with 5 different stories, when the obvious is right there staring us in our face!!! if im stupid cause i dont have the mind to perhaps believe any old story someone wants to feed me to perhaps mirage the real truth and people searching for it--then greg, i guess i'll be happy being called one. my problem is with the facts not adding up to the suspect...if its that easy to ride up to an rap star and shoot him on one of the busiest streets known(vegas)without you yourself being killed or least apprehended in the proecess, we would have alot dead right now!!! not to sound synical, but have you ever lived in the hood? do you know anything really about the laws of the streets, i find it hard to believe that other known gangbangers would not have chased that car down to the sunset if need be....i dont need a book to tell me what i or anyone should already know...if it looks like a duck, quacks like one...usually its a duck!!!!!!! r.i.p  pac, maybe oneday someone will have the courage to really look for the truth---and its not here yet.....

Comment by andria bell on January 30, 2012 at 12:02am

and last to your comment that ms wallace and afeni and  suge knight and puffy know its the truth...did you happen to watch the movie they did on biggie where miss walace basically right out say the police was trying to cover up something about her son's death...they had evidence and people who was never even interviewed, who said they would have talked if they had only asked!!!! then you had yassmin(kadify's mom) saying to a newspaper that the police acted as if they didnt know how to find my son--when they knew where he was at--(cause he leaft an address where he could be reached with the vegas police) next, u got afeni shakur stating out her own mouth"thug angel" shows a newpaper where affeni stated that while her son(pac) was in a coma, the vegas police was making an false statement saying he wasnt cooperating with the investigation!!!! come on greg, is you serious? what police covers up for a gangbanger that you know of? you actually think that some nobody can walk off the street and kill biggie right outside with 100's of people watching, bodyguards right in the next seat---with no help???? awwwh who being naive really now? tell me one thing? just one? what was orlando anderson doing there with no ticket into the fight? just standing around for??? why?? i dont argue against myself greg, cause i never once said i believe mr anderson to be innocent...not by far, it was obvious he was in vegas for a purpose...and not because one of his guys pulled a chain off of one of suge's friends either...they were the attackers so why, and how would they even know suge knight or tupac would be there? thats like me right now getting in my car and know u live close to lets say indiania, and the chances of me seeing you now coming out a store? you got a better chance winning the lottery then you do of doing that...bottom line, yes i can believe what i want, but the better question is do you really truly believe in your own book? the truth is..the facts dont add up no way no how to your book greg. sorry. and im not dissing, im just being true to myself and all these pac fans...if you got orlando anderson on one side of the story...and suge on the other...the truth lies somewhere in the middle....my point exactly, you do the math.. thanks for responding..and wish you well, but usually the real motive in any plot that big, is money...who does that i ask you obviously point too? end of subject, unless you ready to really point out my inconsistencies as you say...but there is none..cause we can go down the line to each one and i can back my up by actual statments!!!

Comment by Greg Kading on January 30, 2012 at 8:32am

Best of luck figuring it all out for yourself Andria. Like I said before, it is your prerogative to believe what you wish. 


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