Truth & Reconciliation: Dr. Mutulu Shakur

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Peace and blessings to you all

My attribute is Talib ‘Tyrone’ Shakur. I am the executive director of “Dr. Mutulu Shakur: Truth & Reconciliation”.

I was born and raised in South Jamaica, Queens. All my life I was told that someone else was my father. A man I had never seen nor heard his voice before. As a kid, I was constantly told I looked like a man named Jeral. Fast forward to 2015, more than 40 years later, I was riding the train in 2015 when a man wearing an African garment looked to be in his late 60s or early 70s approached me and asked, “excuse me young man, are you Dr. Mutulu Shakur’s son?” I told the man “no, I don’t know the man I’m sorry.”

After that encounter, I finally decided to ask my mother who my father is. When I asked my mother she hesitated then said “yes son, that is your father, Jeral, now known as Dr. Mutulu Shakur. I’m sorry for keeping it from you all these years.”

Jeral was my father’s slave name before he legally changed it to Dr. Mutulu Shakur. Immediately, I typed his name in Google in order to find the address of the prison he was being held in. I wrote to him right away. A week later I got a letter in the mail from Dr. Mutulu. In the letter he said, “I finally found my son, here are your family names, addresses and phone numbers.” First on the list was Afini Shakur, Set Shakur Mopreme Shakur and the list kept going. Those moments of initial contact and greetings with my father are etched into my heart and soul.

Now, I have the opportunity to visit and speak with him frequently. I tell him that I’m going to do my best to show the world the real you, the passionate you, the healer, educator, mentor, community leader and so much more. 

To you, my beloved readers, I share with you my story knowing that you all have many stories with my father as well that help to shape not only his legacy, but the Shakur legacy. To find out more about being featured in this documentary contact Talib Shakur. I ask that you join us to raise the funds so we can make this documentary a global success and finally bring Dr. Mutulu Shakur home!

For questions, comments or to inquire about being featured in the documentary leave a voice message or text your name, contact number and your reason for reaching out to the contact info below.

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