“The Unauthorized Story of Haitian Jack” by Detective William Courtney (TAT ARCHIVES)

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  Posted by SPARXX on May 15, 2012 at 1:49pm Just wanted to share this for those that have yet to see it, and as 2pac fans would like a little background info on the infamous “Hatian Jack”…I have seen it posted on a few blogs and unsure who to credit with its original publication, […]

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John Cole “White Boy John” (TAT ARCHIVES)

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Posted by Danielito San Miguel on March 10, 2012 at 5:16am John Cole “White Boy John” – Tupac For you guys who didn’t know who he was… He was Tupac’s best friend and roommate and a preppy white guy from Gilford, the richest neighborhood in Baltimore. Above Excerpts from Tupac Remembered: Bearing Witness to a Life and Legacy […]

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The White Book Decoded

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Most of us believe in information. Some believe in truths, while others believe in magic. Information is what we can see, truth is what we feel, and magic is what we instinctively know is true. On December 4th 1981 the president of the United States issued Executive Order 12333 concerning the activities of the intelligence […]

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